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Fox TV presenter sacked for saying people who ‘choose to be gay will have to answer to the lord for their actions’

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Reader comments

  1. It’s a good job no one ‘chooses’ to be gay then, isn’t it?

  2. I think it’s important to understand the subtextual coded language used by christians who like to invoke concepts of judgement or punishment.

    Is it fair to say that they are expressing their own personal animus and wish to do harm – and dealing with it by projecting that harmful action onto an imagined supernatural entity?

    When people like this man are saying “god is going to GET you and HURT you” is it a covert method of expressing their own violent intent?

    I argue that not only does religion act as an enabler in and of itself, but their god fiction is an imaginary enforcer they invoke to demonstrate a dangerous intent.

    As for this man? No doubt, as christians are prone to, he is snotbubbling and crying victimhood because he’s been told he’s not allowed to be a bully any more. Poor little snowflake….

    1. That There Other David 9 Sep 2013, 2:30pm

      Yes, exactly. All faith is external projection of the inner self. Hence why so many disagreements exist about the meaning of each piece of the religion. The Bible, Koran etc. are mirrors. Those who take negative emotions into reading them will find mostly negative emotions reflected back.

      1. Quote: “When people like this man are saying “god is going to GET you and HURT you” is it a covert method of expressing their own violent intent?”
        I believe you are absolutely correct. But it is THEMSELVES they want to hurt for having experienced same-sex desires. They are self-haters and they turn that violent self-hatred onto those who represent that which they despise most about themselves …. ie: gay people.

      2. The Bishop 9 Sep 2013, 10:14pm

        This is the most intelligent thread I’ve seen on this or any other website.

  3. The imbecility of persons like this really beggars belief. It’d probably come as a shock to this twit that the purported Christ would have been a Jew.

    But, speaking of belief, I’m happy I needn’t feel sorry for his loss of livelihood since, no doubt, his Lord will provide.

    1. I tend to give people like him benefit of the doubt in a way; they clearly don’t actually know any LGBT people. Or at least they think they don’t, and so they still see us as this strange distant culture and “lifestyle” that is far from the real deal

      Think of it like this: if you are perpetually segregated from a certain type of person throughout your life e.g. LGBT people, people of colour, people with mental health problems or whatever, the only information you get about these people is usually from the television like the news or tv programmes; and so your only perception of these people is actually a very two-dimensional one that isn’t applicable in the real world and it can be very difficult to break out of this once it does its magic.

      You only have to look at the irrational fear surrounding people of colour to see this in action; if you’re only exposed to these people through shows like Cops or the news, then you’re probably going to have a very different image

      1. It’s more that people place such value on the much-translated writings of a strange, distant culture of the Middle East 2000+ years ago that I find so astonishing.

  4. Oh how the tables have turned; not too long ago it would be homosexuality that would risk you your job, and even the slightest bit of evidence or hearsay would suffice.

    Now it’s the opposite; being a homophobe actually puts your job at risk, and even the slightest bit of evidence or hearsay will suffice! At last !

    The world sure is a funny place :)

    1. That’s not the opposite though. The opposite would have been that you’d lose your job if exposed as a heterosexual.

    2. Especially given it’s Faux, of all unlikely companies – that’s the real shocker in this story!

  5. total snoreville story about those who FEAR their own delusionsal minds!

    hope ya saved yer stripper money over the weekend…yer gonna need it :)

  6. BlokeToys 9 Sep 2013, 3:17pm

    And all those millions of Christians who work on the Sabbath, cut their hair, don’t sell their daughters and don’t take slaves, eat shellfish, or wear clothes woven from two types of thread will all have to face the “wrath of their “Lord”” too, won’t they you idiotic little religious nutter!?

    I really hope he doesn’t have kids.

    People who are raising their kids to be fundamentalist Christian should pay attention to this… you are limiting your child, abusing them even, by encouraging bigotry and hatred. Even if you are a bigot yourself, encouraging your child to be one will significantly limit their opportunities in the future.

    This man was shaped to be a bigot, and how many doors have slammed in his face now? The same will happen more and more in the future to all those who express their religiously-led hatred of others. The world is saying no, educate and raise your children properly or limit their lives and potential success.

  7. well, it is interesting that such a reactionary organization as fox news has fired this guy. even they must be beginning to realize that lgbt rights cannot be disregarded and stomped on for ever. fewer viewers won’t add up to profitability, will it now?

    1. He was fired by a regional affiliate of Fox Sports which has no real links to Fox News aside from shared ownership higher up.

  8. People who claim ‘it’s a choice’ have CLEARLY made a choice to be straight. It would be impossible for them to assert that ‘it’s a choice’ without having experienced making a choice themselves. Otherwise, how do they KNOW it’s a ‘choice’? Guesswork? So, next time a rampant religious homophobe says’ “it’s a choice”, ask them when it was that THEY made the choice to be straight ….?

    1. I know, it was like 7th grade and the big school dance was coming up and I had to decide if I was taking Betty or Bobby—oh! the pressure—NOT!

  9. Godric Godricson 9 Sep 2013, 3:43pm

    Remember “sports commentator” is to television and radio stations as PE (physical education) teachers are to schools. I sense that ‘sports commentators’ aren’t the sharpest chisels in the toolbox.

  10. Justusboyz 9 Sep 2013, 4:03pm

    So when are they going to sack Bill O Reilly and Sandy Rios?

    1. They aren’t employed by Fox Sports.

      1. They still work for Fox

  11. Christopher Coleman 9 Sep 2013, 4:30pm

    Of course, Mr. James and others with his beliefs won’t have to answer for their actions, I suppose. Everything they do is fine with “The Lord”.

    1. Christopher, you mustn’t forget, G-d loves them but hates us….in their brain anyways.

  12. Craig James was a sportscaster that hogged the microphone, interrupted and righteously contradicted the up and coming third sportscaster in the booth when he was on TV. You know that person can’t go any lower in the marketplace when Fox Sports gets rid of you.

  13. I guess he doesn’t mean we will have to answer to Kris Lord. That probably would hurt.

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