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Anti-gay MSP who said gay love isn’t ‘equal’ to straight love resigns seat over wife beating offences

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Reader comments

  1. ” gay love isn’t ‘equal’ to straight love”
    What would a wife beater know about love?
    Just goes to show, those who shout loudest are usually hiding something themselves.
    You only need look at the former archbishop, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, for further example of that

    1. Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case ….

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Sep 2013, 3:11pm

    Good riddance to the bigot!

  3. Ian Bower 8 Sep 2013, 3:16pm

    Always be suspicious of people who are anti gay. They usually have something to hide.

  4. I thank God that HIS “love” is NOT the same as ours, LOL.

  5. “The independent MSP for Dunfermline said a “media onslaught” had made it impossible for him to continue.”

    Well boo hoo…whilst he’s wallowing in the self pity he might care to reflect that this is the way the media treat transgender people even when we’re completely innocent of any crime.

  6. Derek Williams 8 Sep 2013, 4:01pm

    Behind every homophobe is his past.

    1. Vince in BRIGHTON 8 Sep 2013, 4:27pm

      Absolutely right :-D + that is the formidable power of a ‘media onslaught’

      First that Scottish Catholic bishop bigot …and now this nasty Old Trout (+_=) !!!

  7. I’m glad that this homophobic bigot has resigned and will not longer sit in the Scottish Parliament.

    But let’s be clear, it was the domestic violence which has caused all this, not his homophobia.

    Not a single MSP called for his resignation when he was openly homophobic, and the SNP said and did nothing either – they only kicked him out of the party when the domestic violence hit the headlines.

    My own local SNP MSP said his homophobic comments didn’t constitute discrimination because he said them during one of the consultations on the same sex marriage Bill.

    So please don’t think that his homophobia has anything to do with his resignation or the reaction of other MSPs in recent weeks. It was purely about the domestic violence and nothing else.

    1. I mean, in the last couple of weeks more MSPs have signed the motion calling for Walker to resign over his domestic abuse than have signed the Equal Marriage Pledge in the last couple of years.

      Now, I’m not equating homophobic comments to actual violence against his wives and step children, but it seems that society in general and even most MSPs in the Scottish Parliament will tolerate homophobia to a certain extent when they quite rightly don’t tolerate other forms of discrimination whatsoever.

    2. PantoHorse 9 Sep 2013, 12:41pm

      In his view his resignation is about he ‘media onslaught’ following his convictions. Had this not been so widely publicised, and there not been such outcry, I don’t believe he would have resigned. He’d have remained a wife beating homophobe with a lucrative, influential job. Arsehole.

      1. Absolutely, he clearly doesn’t see that he’s done anything wrong and instead blames the media. But my point was about the outcry around his domestic abuse by other MSPs in particular. I have no problem with that, domestic violence is deplorable, but I was just pointing out that this outcry was purely about his domestic violence and had nothing at all to do with the fact he’s a homophobe, which is merely incidental.

        I’m glad that a homophobe like him has has such a downfall, but at the same time, it had nothing to do with his homophobia which was barely mentioned by other MSPs at the time. Just compare the reactions to his homophobic comments and his domestic abuse.

        It still annoys me that homophobia is tolerated to a certain extent while other forms of discrimination aren’t tolerated in the slightest.

  8. What an awful abusive man.

    He slaps his wives around.

    He slaps us gays around.

    I wonder who else ?

    Of course he will be too arrogant and too much of a coward to get the help he clearly needs with his psychological problems.

  9. Lets hope our cousins north of the border give the Scottish Nationalist plan to destroy the Union between our two nations the same black eye as Scottish separatist MSP Bill Walker gave his poor wife.

  10. The independent MSP for Dunfermline said a “media onslaught” had made it impossible for him to continue.

    No love your wife beater thats what made it impossible – thanking all the people that supported him -what sort of people support a person with wife beating?

    I hope there is no pay off for him either

  11. He wants to “thank” his family. I think they mean he is going to take it out on his ex wives.

  12. Anyone know how the women are? Hope that they are okay and physically or psychologically hurt.

    What a truly horrid guy!

  13. There is a repetitive theme being played out here, those with something to hide are pointing at gay people as scapegoats to distract attention away from themselves and their own severe shortcomings.
    Remember adulteress Iris Robinson, shagging the local butcher and then his son while she condemned gay people as immoral and abominations who needed therapy…nuff said.

  14. If what he’s guilty of is an example of ‘hetrosexual love’, I’m f’ing glad gay love is not equal! Also pschologisys will tell you that wife-beaters are often closet cases, frustrated at being ‘trapped’ by what they consider an anti- gay society in a straight lifestyle.

  15. I see no-one’s brought up Stephen Green, the equally vile and equally woman-abusing ratbag in charge of viciously homophobic “Christian Voice” south of Hadrians Wall. What is it with the UK Christian Right and violent misogyny?

    1. They read the Bible, it’s essentially a “how-to” guide.

    2. Show me a homophobe (especially a wife-beating, bible-thumping one) and I’ll show you a closet case ….

  16. Karma is only a bitch if you are.

    1. Karma is so unfairly labeled. She is not really a bitch, but merely the bill collector on accounts due. LOL

  17. James Savik 9 Sep 2013, 3:53am

    We may wrestle vigorously but I don’t beat up my partner.

  18. Sounds like a real charmer.

    How on earth does he keep persuading these women to marry him?

    He’s currently on wife no.4 as I understand it…. I hope for her sake she can spot a trend and dumps him like a hot brick.

    As Craig said, Stephen Green and Fred Phelps are other examples of homophobes who allegedly beat their wives.

    That’s becoming a trend too.

    1. They do it out of frustration – the frustration of being ‘trapped’ in a heteosexual relationship when what they REALLY want is a gay one. People who are comfortable in their sexuality are NEVER homophobic. Men who don’t feel ‘trapped’ do not beat their wives … especially not THREE of them! Isn’t there a clear pattern here? And those who use the bible to support their homophobia are simply looking for anything which will assist them to project their self-loathing outwardly. “Show me a homophobe – I’ll show you a closet case …”

      1. I think you’ll find that most men who are abusive to their wives are exceptionally talented at picking women who are already stuck in a pattern of abuse – all bullies are careful in choosing their victims. To give the impression (I hope inadvertently) that you believe all abusive husbands are like that because they’re trapped in denial of their homosexuality is horrifyingly misguided.

  19. It usually follows that men who treat gay people with disrespect and are abusive towards them usually have the same attitude towards to women.

    I hope these women are fine.

  20. This is why I don’t tolerate straight people who get on their high horse and act as if heterosexuality and heterosexual relationships are the holy grail of the world.

    You got a 50% divorce rate, domestic violence galore (exhibit A), you got teenage mothers all over the place, you got single parents all over the place and you’ve got orphanages overflowing with unwanted children that are the result of oh-so perfect “traditional” marriages and relationships.

    So next time a heterosexual person tries to put you down for being gay and act as if heterosexuality is so perfect, feel free to relay the information that I have written back to them and to inform then that they no longer have a right to act as if “traditional” relationships and marriages are in any way “better” than yours; because they ain’t

  21. Tony Murray 10 Sep 2013, 10:25am

    Deep, dark closets like him are generally violent, principally because denying your Self is, in itself, a violent act.

  22. …what an immature twit–I mean, how dare he come out with such rubbish. He know nothing about other peoples lives. He must get fired from his job.

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