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US: Anti-gay group announces end of three year boycott of retailer over pro gay rights stance

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Reader comments

  1. After hearing that the boycott is over, Home Depot doesn’t breathe a sigh of relief, rather asks the question, “Huh, we were being boycotted?”
    Like getting fkd by a Republican – didn’t feel a thing.

  2. Perhaps Pink News could maintain a list of those stores who are being boycotted so we know where to shop? Best recommendation ever!

    1. Home Depot, The Gap, JC Penney, Wal-Mart, Pepsi, Heinz, McDonalds, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hallmark Cards, Ford, Disney, Google.
      At this rate it will soon be quicker to list the major brands who this charming group HAVEN’T attempted to damage with holy boycotts.

  3. Thanks again for the boost in sales coming from the LGBT community of North America, who now consider Home Depot their first choice for hardware goods.

    1. Love Home Depot. When I live in Canada, I was a constant customer in their stores, and miss them now that I live in the UK.

  4. The Home Depot is an excellent store. Their staff are always helpful and cheerful, and they don’t quibble if you ask for a refund if you bought the wrong product or size.

    It’s also noticeable that they often employ older staff who are especially knowledgeable because they’ve had plenty of DIY experience.

    Being gay friendly is another great reason to shop there.

    Incidentally, I have no connection with Home Depot except as a very satisfied customer.

  5. Isn’t more likely that christians have totally ignored the instruction for a boycott thus rendering this shower of homophobic tosspots irrelevant and impotent? But to try to claim their boycott is over because of a change in Home Depot’s LGBT policy is simply lies. So it goes to show what depths these supposedly god-fearing individuals will stoop in order to further their cause. Sounds to me they have lost both the battle …,and the plot.

  6. I am sure the impact of this AFA boycott was massive (Jest!) The manager’s of my local Home Depot’s (2) can only boast of bigger and better year o year sales figures.

    I deal with these stores on pretty much a daily basis, if you were to have asked any associate in the store about this alleged boycott the likely been a good laugh!

    Although I do wonder if their merchandising department may be sending subliminal messages to the LGBT community! ;)

  7. Marko Hubert 8 Sep 2013, 3:25am

    So they should continue their boycott. They may starve to death and stay indoor their house and rid us of them.

  8. Jon (Malaysia) 8 Sep 2013, 6:10am

    And world wide, Home Depots heave a collective sigh of relief, of course after celebrating 1.8 billion in second quarter profits……

  9. Clearly someone at the American Family Association clearly needed to get their kitchen done up. . .

  10. ASA persists in its delusions of relevance.

    Perhaps now the boycott’s over AFA’s members can purchase a couple of two by four planks, screw them together in a cross formation and nailgun themselves to the finished article.

    The rest of the world carries on as before.

  11. Interesting isn’t it how the gay ‘mafia’ are routinely slammed for using ‘militant’ tactics, yet it is fine for anti-gay Bible thumpers to encourage nationwide boycotts?

  12. I would have thought the AFA would have loved Macdonalds for sponsoring Sochi 2013…

  13. Har Davids 8 Sep 2013, 12:21pm

    I guess Home Depot’s bottom line wasn’t really hurt when Randy Sharp (porn-movie actor?) and his ilk decided to shop somewhere else. Trying to safe whatever face they ever had may be the reason for this boycott’s end.

  14. Hilarious. Reminds me of the early 1980s when Jerry Falwell’s ‘Moral (‘Shakespeare is Pornography’) Majority’ launched a ‘Switch off CBS’ campaign and tellies fell dark and silent from sea to shining sea. Except that they didn’t, of course.

  15. James Hunter 8 Sep 2013, 8:44pm

    What does this silly little group think it is? Superior or something. My friends here in England are laughing at them. I suspect the company they boycotted are not exactly thankful that they have them back on side. This is pathetic. Bravado. Look at us,we are big and strong and important when in truth, they come across as some sort of childish and foolish little gang of school kids. Laughable to the extreme. Grow up and get on with life without thinking the world has to live and love according to your rule book !

  16. The anti-gay hate group!? LOL What is that? LOL..I mean I never read anything about “Love group’s” or “Love Crime” what gives? where did this elitist sound bite crap come from.

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