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US: Alternate Christian-based scouting group launches after Boy Scouts of America includes gay members

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Reader comments

  1. That’s okay, but then if their club’s allowed to exclude a certain group from its membership, then in theory a group should be allowed to set up a similar one that allows everyone but Christians.
    I wonder how they’d react to that?

  2. Julian Morrison 7 Sep 2013, 10:58pm

    They can call it the Boy Bigots

    1. I know, right? The only difference between this brand and the regular brand is this brand is not allowed to have gays, which I imagine some foolish parents will fall for, but for the most part will do more to turn kids away from “Christianity” in the name of standing up to blatent bigotry and hatres

  3. By “Alternate Christian-based scouting group” you mean “Alternate no-gays allowed scouting group?”

    That’s kind of a key detail.

  4. Oh! Those ‘loving, inclusive christians’ strike again. If their objections are based on biblical reasons, I oresume they’ll also want to exclude shellfish eaters, divorcees, witches, people wearing clothes made of two different materials, etc, etc? Why are these weirdos so SELECTIVE in their use of the bible? Do they pick in the bits which best support their iwn bigotry and ignore all the other bits because they don’t? Whatever their reasoning, they are pathetic, childish and deeply disgusting. The sooner organised religion and all its devisive prejudice is lost in history, the better.

    1. It’s about power over others. Many Humans have this desperate need to feel superior, for their own insecurity. That’s why they conveniently ignore all those other things in the Bible that would get in the way of their own existence, and focus solely on the hatred of another group of people.

      These are all little despots, with their own needs to victimize and bully others. They wish that they were powerful over others, so they use this one option they have to attack people and try to make them their “slaves”.

      The same thing happened before and during the Civil Rights movement in the US, with the southern states using their Bibles to justify owning slaves. It’s all about the incredibly weak and insecure needing a group of people to attack to make themselves feel more in control and powerful.

      These really are some of the most pathetic Humans on this Earth.

      1. Of course, I mean that the Civil Rights movement in the Southern states was a continuation of their justification to attack the slaves they wanted to keep after the Abolitionism and the civil war.

        Even back then it was about control of others, domination of a minority, attacking a group to give themselves an inflated sense of self-worth.

      2. “The masses are feminine and stupid. Only emotion and hatred can keep them under control”. Adolf Hitler.
        Is this at the heart of anti-gay hate speech – whether it be by evengelists .. or Putin?

  5. All 1200 where former BSA _officials_? I find that hard to believe. Many perhaps most are probably former adult members such as leaders, assistant leaders, representatives from sponsoring organizations to the local councils, merit badge counselors. But _officials_ implies representing national or council to me. I also note another article include parents and youth in the 1200 who met.

    BTW they will apparently allow gays as long as gays don’t “flaunt”. My guess is that means they are in the closet or are “recovering”.

    My guess is it will link closely with American Heritage Girls which is a Christian breakaway group from the Girl Scouts.

  6. David Jordan 8 Sep 2013, 12:25am

    “we are not an anti-anything or anyone organisation” well they do seem to be anti-gay children considering the reason for the existence of this organisation is to exclude gay boys.

  7. Christopher Hobe Morrison 8 Sep 2013, 2:23am

    How many child molesters do you bet will be in this group?

    1. Forcing any child to participate in a delusions is a form of abuse.

  8. Tom (Winnipeg) 8 Sep 2013, 3:50am

    They can start all the new exclusive Christian groups that they want, but they must inevitably come to the sober realization that excluding anyone through bigotry will not be tolerated by a progressive society.

  9. It just seems so totally unmanly to be so scared of gay people.

    Homophobia in a man is very camp.

    1. … people who are secure in their sexuality are NEVER homophobic. It’s only those with ‘issues’ who get all frothed up.

      1. I agree.

  10. A very good idea to keep the religious people away. Unfortunately, it will be a nightmare for the GLBT children in their keep.

  11. This is all so farcical, isn’t it? How do they think the horny adolescents in their new ‘Christian-based’ group are going to keep warm at night up on the mountain trails? I was a boy scout in the late 1960s and, frankly, nobody in our troop could keep his trousers on. Nothing was ever acknowledged, of course, and that is these folks’ real problem – openly acepting and respecting lgbt people is what they can’t hack, whatever anybody actually does.

  12. They need to iron out the details. For example, does a scout get the “White Hood KKK” badge by killing someone via a biblical stoning, a KKK style hanging, or being burned like a witch?

    I was, also, wondering if while I was in their troop, am I obligated to kill anyone that…
    …curseth his mother or father. (Leviticus 20:9)
    …curses or blasphemes God.(Leviticus 24:14-16)
    …has a different religion. (Deuteronomy 17:2-7)

    Obviously, the current Boy Scouts are missing out on a lot of Bible-based homicidal fun.

  13. Looking at the website for this new outfit, they have a veneer of inclusivity. They claim to oppose discrimination on the grounds of race, class and nationality. LGB scouts and adult leaders are not explicity banned, however anyone who engages in or “promotes” “sexual immorality” can be thrown out. As we all know, the concepts of “promotion” and “immorality” are totally subjective, so the organisation can remove whoever it wants.

    Also the organisation specifies that scouts must be “biologically male” – which excludes the probably very small number of F->M trans boys who for whatever reason might prefer this organisation over the larger and long-established BSA.

    The lifeline for this organisation, will be churches who currently sponsor BSA groups and which might see this one as a more acceptable equivalent. The claim of having 1200 adult defectors from BSA, is quite worrying. I hope the BSA will ban fraternisation with organisations that discriminate, if they do not do so already.

    1. “When fascism comes toAmerica, it will be wrapped in the flag and carry the cross.” Sinclair Lewis.
      It’s here, and tightly wrapped!

  14. And their new uniform will be ?

    Ah yes of course – Blackshirts!!

  15. They fail from the outset, In the middle of their crest it says “Character” how can you have character when your existence is bases on discrimination? Hardly and upstanding value for youth to aspire to!

  16. dorsetbob 9 Sep 2013, 9:30am

    Bunch of religious loons in charge of thousands of children. What could possibly go wrong ?

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