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Gay activists say Obama ‘sent a signal’ to LGBT Russians by meeting them at G20 in St Petersburg

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Reader comments

  1. Iain Logan 7 Sep 2013, 8:10pm

    The PM of the Uk and President of America have both condemned the law, however nothing has actually happened. A few words exchanged, no further pressure put on Putin or the Russian government, and all the while LGBTI people will continue to be discriminated against.

    If countries governments really really cared they’d do more.

    1. Erm, most civil country’s governments are busy trying to avert WWIII that is being instigated and sabre-rattlled by several rogue states, including our own.

      Or hadn’t you noticed?

      1. Iain Logan 8 Sep 2013, 5:30pm

        I don’t know why that post is up, I thought I had amended it.

        Basically a new and more provocative issue has arisen in Syria, shifting the lime light off LGBTI rights before the G20. What happens when Russia passes its law allowing for the removal of children from families of LGBTI parents? Does the focus then shift back?

        Regardless our governments are meant to be comprised of people who can multitask. Put pressure on Putin for his complete disregard for human rights at the same time as trying to find a solution to the Syria crisis. Russia and Syria may be ‘allies’ but they are completely different nations, having committed or been expected to have committed completely different crimes. Don’t just pussy foot around Russia now on all issues because they have threatened to intervene with an offensive with Syria, what message would that send to Putin and his government?

  2. Obama furthering his legacy.

    This is what history will remember him for.

    This is also what will counter balance his pandering to Wall Street.

  3. Christopher Coleman 7 Sep 2013, 9:42pm

    I await his threatening Russia for crimes against humanity.

  4. ‘Concerns’, talk about playing it down!

    Try HARDER President Obama…

  5. Iain Logan 7 Sep 2013, 10:40pm

    Both Cameron and Obama have raised their ‘concerns’ with Putin, yet LGBTI persecution in Russia is still rife. Putin’s government seem to have made no real effort to address the discrimination that is taking place, and seems to be standing firm with their new and atrocious law.

    Firmer actions from our countries governments are required! Yet nothing is being done! More pressure must be put on Putin.

  6. Its not elections he does not need your vote.
    He also is as he should be more concerned
    about Syria and trying to get the little jack a// to help control there Hitler.
    LBGBT will get its time on air during the Olympic

    1. Are you for real?

      Obarmy’s power is draining away by the minute and nobody can take a word he says seriously anymore, let alone detect a grain of truth in any of the psychotic New World Order garbage he spouts.

      Humanity is waking up, and in the new enlightened paradigm gay rights will cease as a cause because respect for every human being regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation will be a given and will trump all else.

  7. Dimitris T 8 Sep 2013, 9:11am

    To begin with, I am from Greece. Here, mainstream media did not report a single word about this dispute between Russia and the West. Very recently, tv channel Alpha has censored a lesbian kiss in the serial “Glee”.
    And pro-Putin trash blogs urge for this kind of legislation
    Of course the consern is that those inerventions fuel the arguments that gay activism is powered by foreign agents! This attitude is quite thriving in Greece too.
    There is no other way, though, when the situation is critical.

  8. Obama face the likelihood of impeachment before the year is up.

    Time for you Obarmy sycophants to realise be is fast becoming isolated, a pariah and an irrelevance.

    Mugs one and all!

    1. Mark Cross 8 Sep 2013, 2:24pm

      Samuel B, I’m on an LGBT news site because I’m interested in civil rights. I’m also bisexual, so this equality struggle affects me personally. What exactly are you doing here with your Obarmy crap?

      1. How can we be demanding Obarmy speak up for OUR rights when he is banging the drums to ieash a massacre of hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian civilians?

        What about THEIR right to live?

        Why is no one else pointing out this blatant dichotomy that places gay rights over and above life itself?

        We can thank Putin that WWIII has not broken out (yet):- whether that occurs depends which way the pendulum springs.

        But for the gay militant brigade to be demanding the leading world players’ eyes be diverted at such a critical juncture in humanity’s evolution and long term survival is frankly obscene and suggests we care only about ourselves and to hell with the rest of the world.

        Yes, I want equal rights for all gays in Russia, but that can only come after WWIII in the Middle East has been averted by our psychotic leaders, and Russia currently holds sway in that respect, like it or loathe it.

        1. Iain Logan 8 Sep 2013, 9:07pm

          When is a good time then? There is ALWAYS going to be more ‘serious’ things on the minds of our leaders than LGBTI rights.

          In almost all civil countries a proportion of the population, often shocking in size are against LGBTI rights. LGBTI people have consistently put up with discrimination for centuries. The reason why this issue has fallen off the radar is not because the Syria issue is just so massive that its pushed it off (even though I do believe the issue is serious), it is because everyone is just so used to turning a blind eye with regard to discrimination on LGBTI rights.

          Furthermore Russia is potentiating any risk of ‘WWIII’ more than anyone else. Russia would only really intervene with military force because it wants to resist the west, not because it actually gives a rats ass about the Syrian people.

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