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US: Southern Baptist military chaplains banned from performing or supporting same-sex weddings

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  1. Cardinal Hmmmm 6 Sep 2013, 4:55pm

    They say they’re giving their members freedom by giving them a long list of all the things they’re not allowed to do, including even forbidding attending worship led by someone who is supportive of gays. Hmmm.

  2. Good, their all bigots anyway

    1. For serving a military chaplain? To bless the weapons of soldiers who kill humans in a war?

    2. For serving a military chaplain? To bless the weapons of soldiers who kill humans in a war? Is it?

  3. Well maybe if the SBC wants to limit their chaplains they just do not deserve to be active military chaplains and should go into a private church rather then into the military!

  4. The Southern Baptist Council needs to be removed from the military and have their tax exempt status removed since they are obviously involved in politics. There should be an overwhelming call for all religions opposing LGBT rights to lose their tax exempt status.

  5. For the SBC to order its men of the cloth to shut out a certain people is like the fundamentalists of Jesus’ time shaming Him for intermingling with those they thought were unworthy of God’s attention and love. Funny how history repeats itself.

  6. Oh how very mature ! these people are like bratty children who don’t want to share their toys – quaint

  7. Like we want these miserable losers at our weddings.
    I approve of their policy. It should be as high-profile as possible. In a national organisation like the military it will help to publicise their attitude and sideline them more and more.

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