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US: Pennsylvania state to pay $400 per hour to private lawyer to defend equal marriage ban

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  1. I think that if anything in this case is unconstitutional, it is that crazy expensive fee.
    What’s worse is that taxpayers money is being spent to abuse the rights of taxpayers. Perhaps if the ban remains in place, the state’s LGBT community can file a claim to have a rebate, preferably one that is backdated, too.

  2. Well, if I were a Pen tax payer, I’d be banging on the door of City Hall demanding that they stop wasting my tax dollars ….

  3. friday jones 6 Sep 2013, 6:57pm

    Does this mean that they can stop paying the State Attorneys who have been drawing regular paychecks to handle the State’s lawsuits? Obviously those State Attorneys don;t consider themselves up to the task, so why are they drawing pay again?

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