Reader comments · US: Columnist says accepting gays in the Boy Scouts of America will descend it into ‘darkness of sin’ · PinkNews

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US: Columnist says accepting gays in the Boy Scouts of America will descend it into ‘darkness of sin’

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Reader comments

  1. Please note that the readers of WorldNetDaily are the sort who style tin foil hats for themselves…

    Point and laugh at the American idiocracy that they represent.

  2. Pink News really is appalling in the manner it promotes the most extremist crackpots without referencing how obscure and lunatic these fringe groups are.

    And the fact that Benjamin Cohen thinks that the promotion of extremism helps gay rights says a lot about how messed up in the head he is.

    These people do not represent anything butbthe most fringe, insane point of view. They must be very grateful to Pink News.

    No other gay news website promotes extremism in the manner PN does.

    1. I disagree, I’m afraid. The more the ‘lunatic fringe’ is exposed as such, the more that rational people will be repulsed by them. I think it’s essential to know where ‘the enemy’ is so that a counter response can be targetted. There was a conspiracy of silence surrounding the extermination of the Jews. Had people known earlier what was happening, the international community may have acted sooner and more decisively. The Westboro Morons are a classic example of ‘exposing the nutters’. Without the publicity they’ve been given, rational ‘christians’ wouldn’t have distanced themselves from them for fear of being tarred with the same brush of lunacy.

      1. Far worse than Westburo are Scott Lively and Bryan Fischer. Westburo is a bunch of noise while these two are influencing the passage of new draconian anti-gay laws in other countries globally.

  3. They are commonly known as “World Nut Daily”.

    Where the Tea Party gets its news. Chuck Norris and James Dobson are regulars.

  4. “In his column yesterday for WorldNetDaily, Jeff Rayno described those that supported lifting the ban as those who “love the darkness of sin.”
    I think you’ll find ‘sin’ is a religious concept. As such, it is childish and totally irrelvant to any rational person. Get real, you pathetic moron.

  5. Staircase2 6 Sep 2013, 3:53pm

    Bloody idiot

  6. Bud Clark 6 Sep 2013, 4:12pm

    They evidently weren’t paying attention to what went on in scouts’ tents from the founding of the organization until today.

    Although … I must admit I learned more about the really NASTY stuff at church camp .

    And, it should be noted, “youth pastors” haven’t changed over the years … they give the BEST head! (chuckle)

  7. Bud Clark 6 Sep 2013, 4:13pm

    Three cheers for the darkness of sin! Those klieg lights are SO annoying!

    1. As you pointed out the truth. That they themselves are living under the cover of darkness while we live in the light of truth about ourselves.

  8. He is implying that up until now, gays were never in the BS and now gay people suddenly are?

  9. Spanner1960 7 Sep 2013, 4:30pm

    So much for living up to their motto – “Be Prepared.”

    They obviously never prepared to move into the 18th century, let alone the 21st.

  10. john lameck 7 Sep 2013, 8:47pm

    There have been gays in the scouting organization from day one!

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