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The top 12 strangest arguments against equal marriage from Scotland’s first day of Committee stage

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Reader comments

  1. Usual disingenuous stupid drivel from the same uninformed brains who all think they have a “gotcha” – Despite all those arguments being thoroughly debunked over the last decade.

    Same …stuff. Different day.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Sep 2013, 5:49pm

    Strange yes, but no more strange than the vile crap which came out of the mouths of our opponents south of the border.

    Notice that old chestnut incest is an obsession of most of the religious hetero nutters. Very revealing.

  3. I’m in Utah. Most right-wing U.S. state, with one of the most left-wing capital cities, which itself also has a huge active openly gay community.

    I’ve heard every one of these arguments, seemingly every which way. They are mostly so absurd, that it gets to where it’s difficult to tell if someone is serious or joking.

  4. Yawn :()

    They just can’t help themselves, poor dears.
    If you really want a good guffaw read John Deighans submission. [SCPO]
    They seriously belief this nonsense!

    All the submissions to the Scottish Parliament Equalities Committee can be found here:-

  5. “Abortion involves one person with an unborn baby, but the issue of marriage involves the whole of society”

    No, it doesn’t! It involves the two people getting married.

  6. All these dangerous wackos are having their rightful place in the book of Morons. They’re delightfully entertaining, pending judgement.

  7. Gene in L.A. 6 Sep 2013, 6:24pm

    I must say it’s comforting, in an uncomfortable way, to know that the British Isles have the same sorts of wackos we have in the U.S.A. We are, after all, family.

    1. Hear, hear.

    2. We have wackos, true, but the US is far more schizophrenic. The national government is cowering in the corner trying to avoid this fundamental human right. It is left to the individual states to devise their own limits and laws pertaining to gay marriage. I could have full rights in one state, but none just a few miles away. States don’t have to recognize each others laws, including international marriage laws. Making the US even further schizophrenic, there are some federal laws (such as military) where you can marry, but other areas it’s not recognized.

      One simple federal law could fix the whole thing, but US legislators thrive on the power they gain when laws are overly complex; the perfect breeding ground of overpaid lawyers and large corporations. It’s a true plutocracy. People must vote for the least evil millionaire corporate pawn. If I had a job waiting for me in any one of the British Commonwealth nations, I’d leave in a heartbeat. A sponsor, anyone?

  8. Ian Bower 6 Sep 2013, 6:27pm

    Each country ‘debating’ equal marriage has to give stage to the bigoted ignorants I suppose.

    1. The thing is, these ignorants bigots have already had opportunities to voice their opposition during the 2 public consultations that were held, firstly on the principle of gay marriage itself and then on the draft bill.

      Surely this committee stage of the democratic process is about discussing and scrutinising the bill and suggesting improvements? The time for debating whether LGBT should have the right to get married is over and shouldn’t be happening in these Committee meetings where it will only take up precious time and resources.

  9. All the submissions to the Scottish Parliament Equalities Committee can be found here:-

  10. You need to do some serious mental gymnastics to buy in to any of those reasons.

  11. In a few years I wonder if some of these “arguments” will up on those joke e-mails that do the rounds? Under the heading “Weird arguments used against same sex marriage in 2013”

    A bit like Bishop Usher’s strategy for calculating the age of the earth. After studying the bible he added up the ages of all the characters then solemnly announced that it was all of 6,000 years old.

    1. Yes they will, along with the shockingly putrid hate speech ! Unlike the civil rights movement where the disgusting language and behavior was locked in the invisible history of memory; the internet will act as an archive for future scholars and our children/grand children will be shocked at the things that have been said since its inception regarding LGBT people

      Let their grave digging be on public record, it only helps us in the long run.

      P.s. these “arguments” are simply hilarious

  12. Ah yes, now I remember why we put aside time for them talk out their viewpoint in parliament.. They’re a barrel of laughs

  13. They missed out bestiality and polygamy. Have they not been paying attention to the anti-equality propaganda?

  14. These are too hilarious to get angry over… I really cannot find it within myself to take them seriously enough because they are so misinformed, so outrageously narrow in their focus that it’s like listening to a young child explain the laws of science.

  15. John Deighan is a disgrace to the nation of Scotland – he obviously has the intellect of a horse-fly, the humanity of scorpion and is no more a christian than was Himmler or Goering. Men brimming with this degree of hatred and intolerance are often fighting their own homosexuality so we should pity his tortured soul and his ugly hypocrisy. Yet another Cardinal O’Brien.

  16. What? No ‘because it’s icky’? I guess the homophobes are getting soft.
    Those ‘reasons’ would be amusing if it didn’t affect real people, and real couples in the real world, who just want to be recognized, legally, and socially, on the same level as everyone else.

  17. casparthegood 6 Sep 2013, 11:35pm

    Funny, I didn’t see either of these comedians at the Fringe. What a double act they have, it could pack phone-boxes on a rainy day

  18. Six levels of stupid.


    Six shades of failure

  19. the amount of stupidity is astonishing

  20. Dr Salah Beltagui is “Executive Director at the Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations” whatever that is. It is obviously an organisation that is very selective of the minorities it defends. The good Dr should reflect that until recently people from Africa and the sub continent were thought of as sub-human in Scotland. What a shame he cannot share his righteousness with other minorities.
    Scots Wiktionary (LOL) describes John Deighan as being “mairiet on Angela an haes sieven youthie bairns”. Translation = phucks like a rabbit (missionary only). He’s taking that Catholic contraception advice seriously. Silly cvnt!

  21. Real-world Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

  22. It’s a bit rich for the Muslim Council of Scotland to be lecturing people on the dangers of incest!

    1. Spanner1960 7 Sep 2013, 4:08pm

      …or paedophilia for that matter.

  23. I always find the incest argument very odd. If in a heterosexual relationship I am not allowed to have sex with / marry my sister, so reasonably I would not expect that in a homosexual relationship I would be allowed to have sex with or marry my brother. I don’t see how it is a slippery slope to being able to marry my pet cat lol

  24. Deus caritas est 7 Sep 2013, 9:48am

    So called ‘gay marriage’ is sincerely stupid. It is by analogy and nothing more.

    Not all gay men (I being one) believes in the sham of ‘gay marriage’

    1. Jock S. Trap 7 Sep 2013, 10:44am

      Well, it’s just ‘marriage’, there nothing Gay about it just as there is nothing Straight about it now and at least you know have that choice to make in person not by the state.

      But just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone must follow suit.

      It’s about choice, after all. Just as you’ve made yours, everyone else can make their own decision.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Sep 2013, 12:05pm

      Imbecile. You just don’t get it. We don’t give a toss if religious nutters refuse to recognise same-sex marriages. The fact of the matter is the secular state and the law of the land does and so do several religious denominations who will officiate some of them.

      We don’t recognise the immoral sham of authority with which the roman cult speaks given it’s centuries tradition of paedophilia, ephebophilia and misogyny, subjugation of native people in Latin America, persecution and execution of Jews in Spain. A morally bankrupt cult which has no place in civilised society. The Pope and the entire hierarchy should be arrested for complicity and tried in the Hague for pernicious and crimes against humanity.

    3. After I finished laughing at the “god is love” pablum you dribbled into the name field (you have READ the buy-bull, right? And noted the incessant brutal savagery, death and mayhem? After all your “loving god” sent bears to kill children who mocked a bald man for being bald) I felt that I should point out – I don’t believe in YOUR god fiction and consider being forced to comply with beliefs I do not share to be acts of tyranny. I have no particular notion of marriage, but I expect to have the power to choose in order to be an equal citizen.

      Believe what you want, choose what you want, grovel to whatever murderous bronze age djinn you want, but get it through your skull that you don’t get to dictate to others.

      1. Justusboyz 7 Sep 2013, 2:01pm

        Well said Valsky

  25. It’s a source of continual amusement to me that the selfsame fundies who oppose gay marriage as the “slippery slope to incest” are found bleating on about “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” – the supposed divine template for a traditional nuclear family.

    They blithely skip the part where Adam f**ks his own clone, and the bit where Eve begot grandkids with one of their two sons.

    And not content with the clubfooted offspring from that genetic trainwreck, God repeats the exercise of repopulating the earth via incest and genocide with the story of Noah in order to ‘wash away sinners’.

    Bit of an own goal there.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Sep 2013, 12:14pm

      Quite! I’ve even been told by some fundies that Adam and Eve weren’t the only ones around just so they can avoid the incest implications which must have taken place between the parents and their progeny for the planet to have become populated. They will come up with all sorts of preposperous excuses as the Roman Catholic cult now does when it comes to the marriages of infertile hetero couples. The cries of desperation in my view of a dying cult.

      1. Yep, you can always guarantee that suddenly the Genesis myth isn’t literally what’s described in the pages of Genesis when they’re pushed on the specifics of how the only four people on the planet created grandkids when they’re all related and 3 of them are men.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Sep 2013, 4:27pm

          So true, Flapjack. It defies logic and rationality. Even reasonable Anglican and Catholic clergy don’t subscribe to everything in the old testament but they too have yet to make their own interpretation known as to the creationist fairy tale and exactly how this planet became populated. I’d be interested to hear Welby’s and Pope Francis’ views on that.

  26. Jock S. Trap 7 Sep 2013, 10:46am

    Well some very bizarre and, quite frankly, hilariously desperate claims there.

    I think number 10 has to be my favourite. Yes because at no time in history have a marriage couple had ‘threesomes’ or even, shock horror, ‘foursomes’ (gasp)….

    Er… what planet do these people live on again?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Sep 2013, 12:08pm

      Since they are the only ones obsessing about it, perhaps it is they who wish for the very thing they claim they are against. If you look at the history of incest, polyamoury and polygamy, it seems that it is in most cases uniquely heterosexuality that is responsible for it.

  27. Godric Godricson 7 Sep 2013, 11:03am

    Video of the recent meetings of this committee will be archived for a month on the Parliament TV pages of our website:

    Videos of the committee’s meetings are also available on the Parliament’s YouTube pages:

  28. It makes me angry that I can read such complete and utter stupidity and feel powerless to destroy it with intelligence and common sense. I want to be there in the room to hear this and expose these complete f’ing idiots for what they are.

    It’s amazing that any of these bigoted fools know how to clothe themselves without a nurse to assist them.

    In any decent society these insane individuals would be dismissed for what they are – completely irrational lunatics who would be better off in a padded room talking to their invisible sky wizards in private, away from the rest of society.

  29. I’m laughing at their stupidity!

    Who on earth are those idiots?

  30. “If someone came in with literature for the BNP and a printer thought that the literature was racist and they did not want to print it, I think that they would be perfectly entitled to say no. Similarly, if someone came in with pornography and the printer felt that pornography was detrimental to the rights of women, they would be entitled not to print it. If they were asked to print publicity material for LGBT history month, but they thought that that twist on history was wrong and they did not want to participate in that deception, I think that they would be entitled to say that”
    Seems sensible to me. Gay people should have equal rights not superior rights.

  31. Reading the oppositions argument in the “debates” surrounding equal marriage makes me wonder why it’s taken so long for this to happen. Every single argument they have against it is simply absurd ! They know there is no logical reason to appose it and they just grasp at straws – brilliant entertainment

  32. liz jeffcoat 8 Sep 2013, 12:40pm

    Idiots of the tallest order!!

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