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Malta: Law restricting IVF to opposite-sex couples slammed as ‘unashamedly homophobic’

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Reader comments

  1. This story lacks comment from the Maltese goverment. WHY, if it’s not homophobically driven, have they made this restriction …?

  2. Dimitris T 7 Sep 2013, 8:35am

    Οh, those little thorns within the EU, like Malta, Greece, etc

    1. I wonder why you’re calling Malta a thorn… We gave Greece millions of euros for their debts, and we are welcoming African and Asian illegal immigrants with very little help from the EU! The country is practically becoming African, and with the addition to our over population problem (Malta has the highest population density in EU, and 4th in the world). And huge and rich countries (compared to Malta) like UK, Sweden, Denmark.. didn’t take a single immigrant, neglecting the burden sharing agreement. You should be thankful for Malta

  3. As a Maltese, I think that it would be rushed for the Gov to allow gays to have rights to have their own children NOW. The Maltese are still mostly Catholic (around 98%).. and most are still strongly against having children outside union. However, Maltese mentality on gays is changing rapidly. Most Maltese now are in favor of civil unions and speak positively for basic gay rights. (whilst in 2006, only 18% supported civil unions). The Maltese are very politically driven; if the political party they support changes its attitude on an issue, most of them will change their thoughts as well ;).

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