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John Barrowman: ‘I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to be gay’

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  1. Well said, John. The ONLY way someone can claim being gay ‘is a choice; is if THEY themselves have made a choice to be straight. How can you possibly make such an assertion unless you have experienced making that very choice? So, next time some rampant homophobe says such an idiotic thing, ask them when they made the choice to be straight.

  2. I love John Barrowman and Scott Gill. From the very beginning of his career, John has been open and honest. In addition to being immensely talented, he is a wonderful role model.

  3. I feel very uncomfortable when people push the ‘born this way’ argument. I don’t think it helps our cause to respond so directly to the homophobic view that gay people ‘choose to be deviant’.

    1. Really?! Well I know who I am and I know that from an early age I was different. If you can be born straight, you can be born gay and it has been proven that sexuality is decided in the womb!

      1. Born homosexual, yes. Born gay, not necessarily.

        1. What a stupid c@@t you are

        2. I see your point, Josh and, as Kinsey discovered, sexuality can be a ‘moveable feast’. I believe EVERY human being has the ‘potential’ to be gay. It is only the ‘stigma’ of being gay which forces many people to bury their true identity. In that sense, it could be described as ‘a choice’. But it is a choice NOT to be gay … and not, as the vile religious homophobes would have it, ‘a choice to BE gay’. The point is; without religiously-inspired homophobia, there would be NO homophobia. It would not matter a monkey’s what someone does in their bedroom. It is ONLY an issue because of religion. Answer? Get rid of the stigma incited by religious homophobia. Then, who’ll care?

          1. I like to think that even without homophobia, we would still have a positive identity related to being gay.

        3. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Sep 2013, 4:33pm

          Born heterosexual, yes. Born straight, not necessarily?

          1. straight people have many different ways to express their sexuality and don’t necessarily have to fit into a narrow idea of sexuality like gay men

          2. Yes, as any camp straight guy who doesn’t watch football will tell you. Or any straight girl who’s been called a tomboy.

        4. I agree Josh. I hate drag, clubs, musicals, opera, Striesand , camp. I do not fit into the gay scene or stereotype and I do prefer think of myself as a homosexual man rather than a gay man

      2. I am with you on this, the arguement against is frankly bizarre. The point really is about choice, and as John Barrowman states, he never woke up one morning and decided to be gay as you nor I did. The point I always make when faced with the kind of nonsensical view that it was a choice, is that it never was. If anything it is a realisation that you are different from the majority when it comes to feelings of attraction.

        It could be argued that being gay you do make choices, such as do you identifiy with a particular sub group such as bears etc. But to class that kind of identity choice as a peculiarity of the gay community is also wrong, and is ignorant of the choices heterosexuals can make too.

        The simple fact is we never chose to be gay, so yes we were born this way. For the most part all I and any gay person wants is to lead a normal life, go to work, buy a house, maybe have a family and settle down with the one we love.

    2. If you reply here, you probably haven’t read my reasoning.

    3. And how is homophobia combated when gay people themselves discriminate i am proud of who i am and i have pride in every other gay person who lives openly and honestly, whether they are camp, leather daddies, bears or drag queens. When we as gay people start making distinctions between homosexuals and gays, we are helping the homophobes do the same.

    4. Josh I do appreciate the argument you are trying to make and the fear that you have.

      Personally, I don’t share that fear and I welcome the recognition of being born different from heterosexuals, because it is a fact. the same as people are born tall, short, red headed, left handed and so on.

      There is now a growing body of literature to show that it is a complex interplay of factors that determine a sexual orientation. Not just one single factor like a gene. This is why that within the gay community there is a huge array of individual difference to how we are and experience our sexual orientation. We are a truly heterogeneou lot.

      I think it is a useful starting point, for people who are heteosexual, to understand that this is how they and people with differing sexual orientations are born.

      In my opinion the argument you present, while interesting is to complex and also doesn’t fully address the complexity of the issue.

    5. You know once upon a time the world’s largest ex-gay ministry Exodus International used to think the same way as you do. They to used to believe that being gay was a modifiable learned behavior and like yourself, swore up and down that no one is born this way. But over the 37 long grueling years of attempting to convert gay people to straight, failure after repeated failure, they finally had to admit to their failure and thus shuttered their doors back in June. With this utter failure was there issue of profuse apology to the gay and lesbian community for the emotional pain and suffering they caused as a result of their ex-gay conversion therapies. For the one common thread that a truly straight and a truly gay person share in common and that is this: neither have the power of choice to choose to transform into the other. Both have common sense to know that they were born this way. You sir have no common sense on this particular issue.

    6. Ben Foster 7 Sep 2013, 12:17pm

      I seriously don’t understand your point even after reading the article. I for one feel my experience was closer to the way John describes here and other places where he has talked about this issue.

  4. Why even dignify that comment? If someone said that to me I’d tell them to fcukoff

  5. He woke up one night and decided instead!

  6. Spanner1960 7 Sep 2013, 4:10pm

    He did not wake up one morning to say, “I’m going to have coffee, eggs, bacon, and I’m going to be gay.”

    He was fresh out of bacon, so had to make do with a sausage.


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