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Comment: This week saw a promising start for equal marriage legislation in Scotland

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Reader comments

  1. Fantastic news. England has really screwed over trans folks with the same-sex marriage legislation, and it’s a relief to see that Scotland is not following suit.

  2. Thanks for supporting those very sensible amendments on trans issues. If accepted, they will put pressure on the rest of the UK.

    I’m particularly interested in the proposal to issue GRCs at 16. That will be so reassuring for young trans* people who will be able to go into adult life at work and in higher education with paperwork that reflects who they are, and without having to disclose their trans history every time they fill in a form.

  3. It’s really encouraging that the MSPs on the committee seemed to be listening to the evidence given by the Equality Network and are aware of how important the proposed amendments are. It suggests that they are taking it seriously and thinking it through properly and I hope this will also be the case when it comes to the Parliament chamber to be debated by all MSPs.

  4. All the submissions to the Scottish Parliament Equalities Committee can be found here:-

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