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Russian pole vault champion to keep Olympic youth ambassador role despite homophobic comments

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Reader comments

  1. Derek Williams 5 Sep 2013, 7:32pm

    This is not inconsistent, since the IOC already endorses Russia’s recriminalisation of homosexuality.

    1. Yelena Isinbayeva
      Normal, Standard Homophobe

  2. This just tells you all you need to know. Gay people and the disgusting discrimination we face are not considered worthy of condemnation by the IOC. Raise your skirts and roar!!

  3. Paula Thomas 5 Sep 2013, 7:53pm

    Willl the IOC please drop any pretence at being anti homophobia. I much prefer homophobes who are open and honest about it to this mealy mouthed load of {insert epithet here].

  4. If this bigot had made racist comments, she would have been stripped of her ambassadorship, but we all know that the IOC sees us as subhuman. Condoning Nazism or some ideology that is similar is okay as long as the victims are GLBT. Bunch of worthless, hypocritical, money grubbing, lying, heartless swine.

  5. michaelandfred 5 Sep 2013, 8:21pm

    Big surprise there. We’ve seen how serious the IOC is taking this. They might as well tear up their charter since it can be bought and sold to the highest bidder…..

  6. When Rogge said that there was nothing that the IOC could do to change Russian laws he gave the impression that it was because it was completely out of their hands when in fact what he meant was, “It will be impossible for us to affect Russian laws with the pitiful and shameful amount of effort that we’re willing to invest in the issue.”

    I just wish that people had the guts to say what they mean instead of using rhetorical gymnastics (worthy of a gold medal) to AVOID saying what they really mean.

  7. The IOC should hang its head in shame and LGBT athletes have my deepest sympathies – obviously IOC cannot be trusted

    1. Lucky I printed out the IOC Charter (so could read it better) on soft recycled paper.
      I’m about to use it for it’s obviously intended purpose, to wipe my arse.

  8. Revolting homophobic pole vaulter expected to retain her Olympic youth ambassador status, what a complete sham.

  9. IOC is a joke. Olympics is proving to be the dogs of Russia and China. Bend over and love.

  10. She’s so going to fall over and break that horrible face…..hideous bitch

  11. The IOC are a bunch of spineless gits. She should of have had that ambassador role removed their and then. Instead they are pussyfooting around with the Russian government whilst homosexual people are being maligned, tortured, murdered and having their civil liberties forcefully removed whilst the IOC sit there on there hands and do nothing!!! DISGUSTING

  12. The IOC promotes right-wing economic practices and human rights abuses (see it’s sponsorship deals with adidas etc.) while at the same time maintaining a pathetic guise of political neutrality.

    I would have so much more respect for sporting individuals, teams and institutions if they embraced the fact they they are inherently political. It’s no use trying (or in the IOC’s case pretending) not to be, so better to be open about it and consistent and push for political progress rather than have the political debate exclusively controlled by big corporations and governments.

    They won’t do that though, because they exist to make money for their higher echelons, not to promote sporting values.

    1. Every time I mention bloody adidas on these comments it autolinks to them. My apologies, I’ll call them something different in future.

  13. Wrong decision. Disgraceful.

  14. Disgraceful. What an example for youngsters to follow.

  15. auntie babs 6 Sep 2013, 2:37am

    swedish athelete gets warning for wearing rainbow nails russian athlete gets pussy licked for homophobic tirade…..disgusted….totally utterly disgusted.

  16. IOC is rotten to the core

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