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Russian lawmaker introduces bill to deprive gay and lesbian people of parenting rights

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Reader comments

  1. Yet there’s no descrimation towards LGBT people .

    1. “Lawmaker Alexei Zhuravlyov has proposed a bill that will would deny gay parents custody over their own children.”

      1. Sick that’s all I’ve got to say about it .

  2. ….Speechless,
    Such hateful bigots.
    Where pretty much the rest of the world’s progressing at one rate or another, Russia seeks to be the next Nazi Germany.
    They’re giving Saudi Arabia a run for its money.
    Hopefully this will make international news, and before the winter Olympics.
    The world must not stand idly by while an innocent group of people have their human rights stripped away, piece by piece.

  3. Lawmaker Alexei Zhuravlyov is a member of the ruling United Russia party. United Russia is a Putin’s party.

  4. The full text of Zhuravlyov’s legislation is available at State Duma website: (click the PDF link). It references the June ‘propaganda’ legislation and the same-sex parent research done by Texan sociologist Mark Regnerus.

    The legislation proposes extending the list of grounds for depriving citizens of parenting rights by the following: “One or both parents are of a non-traditional sexual orientation”. That means that even if LGBT people would keep quiet about their sexuality (as Putinists want), the mere fact that they are gay, if proven (or even forged—why not?), would be enough to deprive them of parenting rights.

    1. Part Nazi-Germany, part Salem Witch Hunters?
      Seriously, how long are world leaders, the IOC and olympic sponsors going to believe the lies coming from the Russian government these days? Not targeting homosexuals? Yeah, right, and Hell just froze over… and pigs are flying, too…

  5. Zhuravlyov: “It [the harm that gay parents are allegedly causing their children] is enormous and can’t be handled by the Offences Code of Russia, since mother and father are role models.”

    What he is implying here is that this ‘harm’ should be prosecuted under the Criminal Code of Russia. (The Offences Code deals with fines and short-term arrests, while the Criminal Code deals with multi-year sentences and removal of rights.)

    1. The man is a severe homophobe, and given the support and possibly closeted nature of little Vladimir, he may succeed. All the more reason for President Obama to follow through with his promise to meet leaders of Russian LGBT groups:

  6. BlokeToys 5 Sep 2013, 1:43pm

    People warned of this last month, suggesting that it was a logical progression of the existing law. If it is against the law for children to be aware of same-sex relationships, then it’s inevitable that those who are in a same-sex relationship and have children will be targeted.

    Harvey Fierstein stated in an interview that he was aware of one lesbian couple with children from a previous relationship who were planning to flee the country because of the expected passing of this law.

    It’s also extremely likely that this law will pass, and it’s then extremely likely that this will also be extended to affect families with any openly gay members.

    It basically comes down to this… the original law proposes “protecting” children from being aware of homosexuality in any way. It follows that there would be additional laws created to then criminalize gay people within families.

    All LGBT Russians should be offered asylum and assisted in leaving that sh*thole.

  7. Cardinal Fang 5 Sep 2013, 2:12pm

    They cite a bogus catholic funded study complaining of harm to children when one of their parents (in a straight marriage) are gay. Yet they sell chemical weapons to Syria in breach of an International treaty that they signed, that were used to kill 400 schoolchildren a few days ago.

    Russia is becoming the pariah of the world.

    1. Derek Williams 5 Sep 2013, 3:20pm

      And Putin authorised a 200,000 Chechnyan genocide, half of whom were children. He doesn’t know the first thing about “protecting” children.

  8. Alexei Zhuravlyov is leader of the Rodina party – a nationalist party that is loyal to Putin. Rodina means “Fatherland” (or Motherland). It’s not easy to find all their views but they claim to be a combination of nationalism and socialism. In 2005 Rodina members in the Duma signed a petition to try to ban jewish organisations from the Russian Federation. They were merged with A Just Russia Party in 2006 but recently reconstituted separately last year with Zhuravlyov as leader.

    Anything sound familiar?

    So he says that the fight against ‘homosexual propaganda’ should take place in the home. Perhaps he wants to install cameras and microphones in all homes to check on them? Sounds like Orwell to me.

    We should be very worried.

    1. It’s true that Alexei Zhuravlyov is the chairman of Rodina party. However, he is at the same time a United Russia deputy in State Duma (lower house of legislature). United Russia is the ruling party and one of the pillars of Putin’s regime.

  9. Aryugaetu 5 Sep 2013, 2:49pm

    See what happens when you place straight males in charge of everything. If you get enough of them together, their collective IQ lowers, forced to make things easier for themselves (too lazy and stupid) and they divide people up, assign social classes, create fight songs, and wear silly hats with silly logos. When bored, they like to gather weapons and blow things up, preferably your neighbor because they have a different type of silly hat.

    Fact: We out-number straight men. With a woman or Gay person in charge, it can’t get worse. In the next election, vote with your IQ, don’t be sheeple.

  10. Derek Williams 5 Sep 2013, 3:19pm

    And the IOC is backing the plan.

    1. Olympic Committee President: We are powerless to Russia’s anti-gay ‘propaganda’ laws.

  11. I’ve kept saying this on here: the civilised world ignores Putin’s anti-gay attacks at its peril. His actions are mirroring so closely those of Hitler, pre WWII. For “non-traditional sexual orientation” read “non-traditional Christian values” – a phrase used by the German dictator to marginalise the Jews. Do we learn NOTHING from history …?

  12. Rubyfruit 5 Sep 2013, 4:13pm

    Back in the ‘bad old days’ of the 1970s & 80s (and probably before), this also happened here in Britain. I knew many women who walked tightropes in negotiating divorces since if it became known that they were lesbian there was virtually no chance of them retaining custody of their children.

    We’ve moved on here but it’s so sad (or other much stronger words…) to see this happening in Russia.

    1. This legislation is even worse. It’s not about who ‘gets the children’ during divorce proceedings, and it’s not about adoption—it’s about removal of children from existing happy and complete families.

      Zhuravlyov proposes literally taking children away from gay families and putting them in foster care. And Russian foster care system is inhuman (warning, extremely disturbing video):в-амурском-интернате-жестоко-избивали-детей_news .

  13. Exactly what is the difference between the current system of “democratic” government and the old Stalinist Socialist regime? None, zilch, nada. Putin and his thugs have taken control of the economic and social agenda and enslaved the citizenry of Russia to exactly the same oppression they suffered under the USSR. The world needs to stand up to this tyranny.

  14. Talk about two steps forward, four steps back. A culture of such incredible history (both great and not so much), and now this crap is coming about?!

    Really, Putin, the new Hitler…

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