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Oman: News editor who published sympathetic article about gay life to face public prosecution

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Reader comments

  1. Gene in L.A. 5 Sep 2013, 4:14pm

    Just so The Week is aware, I was insulted by their cover apology.

  2. Dave North 5 Sep 2013, 4:29pm

    “Ministry of Information”

    How Orwellian is that!

  3. The more I see bollocks like this, the more I despise the people who blithely work or, even worse, holiday in these ghastly places.

    I feel so desperately sorry for any unfortunate LGBT people trapped in these hellholes.

  4. The article is wrong on facts. Colombia has no restrictions for HIV positive people

  5. Alan Duncan proposed to his boyfriend in Oman. Says it all, really.

  6. … and all this persecution is because of some pathetic passage in an old book. Backward and ignorant people pretending to be so civilised. The sooner true democracy comes to the Middle East, the better. Until then, I for one will not be visiting this country and it vile homophobic laws.

  7. Derek Williams 5 Sep 2013, 6:12pm

    A shower of assholes.

  8. As I’ve often mentioned in PinkNews posts, I lived and worked in a number of Middle Eastern countries for many years . . . and everyone “in the know” KNOWS that the ruler of Oman is himself GAY! Sultan Qaboos. He’s gay, he has very refined tastes, and he has surrounded himself with handsome men.

    So what we have here is appalling hypocrisy.

    Google it.

    See video from Omani TV of the beloved Sultan here:

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