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Mum’s response to son coming out: ‘You are the boy who forever won my heart, I’ll fight for you always’

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  1. That’s very nice ! It’s always great to see a parent be so accepting and non-chalent.

    I would love to be bi-sexual to be honest, it would be awesome! I can’t help but feel there’s not really a need to “come out” as bi-sexual as such though, because you’re basically saying you are attracted to the opposite sex like “normal” people, but you’re not 100% heterosexual either.

    There isn’t that need to disclose the information when people get suspicious about your lack of interest in the opposite sex, and there isn’t the stigma and pressure that comes with being attracted exclusivley to the same sex either.

    Bisexuals have their own stigma to deal with from both sides of course, but if I were bi I wouldn’t “come out” to my friends or family – i’d simply let people know that I have a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend, if a boyfriend where to arise.

    That’s just me though – good on him for letting his friends and family know what the deal, more power to him !

  2. If he came out as bi why are you saying he’s gay in this article?

    Either way he has a great mum, it’s nice to hear postive responses! I think bisexuals actually have a harder time of it than gay people as they can be accused of lying, putting it on to be “cool”, being confused, being sluts or more likely to cheat. There’s an awful lot of ridiculous stigma attached to being bi.

    1. I’m afraid I don’t really believe in ‘bi-sexuality’. In my experience, bi-sexuals are homosexuals who are afraid to assume the label ‘gay’. But that is their TRUE orientation. In my youth, I tried VERY hard to ‘conform’ by having numerous female sexual partners. I was merely going through the motions (*as it were) all the while KNOWING I was gay but trying desperately to avoid having to use the label for myself.

      1. I am a bisexual woman, Truth. I am not “afraid.” I have always been attracted to both sexes and don’t even lean slightly one way or the other (apparently most bisexuals do). I may as well be gender blind. I am sick of being harassed (especially by lesbians) to “just admit you’re gay.” No, I will NOT pretend to be gay to satisfy you any more than I would pretend to be straight to keep the homophobes off my back.

        I do understand where this idea comes from. It is because a lot of gay people do pretend to be bi when they first come out to ‘soften the blow’ for their families or make it easier for themselves. They later fully come out as gay. I understand why they do it (and I feel for them, I do), but it’s frustrating because they’re leaving this mess behind for us genuine bisexuals. We have to put up with people like you who don’t believe bisexuality is real because ‘in your experience’ the bisexuals you’ve met turned out to be gay.
        We DO exist.

        1. Oops! I posted that in response to a comment by Truth, which seems to have vanished.

          I’d like to add that I don’t think you meant to be hurtful (I’ve followed Pink News for a while and don’t remember ever thumbing you down before. I usually find your comments very reasonable and thumb you up) but it IS hurtful to be told bisexuality is not real, especially by people who’ve suffered attacks on their own sexual orientation and really should know better.

  3. How lucky they are not to live somewhere like Russia. If they had, his mother may have felt compelled to act differtly. That’s why Putin’s actions are so indidious. They turn parents against children, friend against friend, neighbour against neighbour. Sound familiar? Ask a Jewish person how they were treated in Hitler’s Germany.

  4. “This note is not fake…”
    Yeah, right.

    1. Fake or not, it is beautiful statement. Have you really been abused or controlled so much you have become emotionally castrated and disconnected. I recommend you find a good therapist and undergo the deep counselling to become human again. Or, as you are probably are just a dead person walking around making other’s lives miserable, stop breathing and lie down so we can bury you.

      I personally know a mother with a son in a similar situation, and the relationship between them is a reward to observe in a world where there are people like fagbum.

  5. This may be putting a downer on what is a nice story, but what’s the story?
    So many parents are completly accepting of a child’s sexuality/gender that this is not an unusual story anymore, why do the Americans get so excited about stuff like this???

    1. Because sentimental crap makes the world go round?

    2. “so many parents”? You really think that, globally, it’s a significant statistic, do you?

      1. Absolutely I do, I know personally, of so many gay people, that are accepted by their parents.

        Yes, there are homophobic parents just like there are transphobic parents. And no, my family isn’t perfect, my ex and daughter have not spoken to me for ten years, because of my decision to come out.
        So stick that one up yer a##e you aggressive twit, I just don’t do sentimentality the way Americans portray it. My choice, I am allowed a choice, it’s still a free country?

        1. I admire your confidence that your own experience is representative of the attitudes held by 7bn people on this planet. I have nothing like the same faith that the relative privilege of my world is universal.

          Attitudes in the US are often so toxic – see a recent article on a mother who allegedly urged one son to “beat the gay” out of another – that I think this sort of upbeat report is not only harmless but welcome.

          1. Michael Stevens 6 Sep 2013, 3:14am

            Around the Western world 30% of homeless youth have been thrown out by their parents for their sexual or gender difference. Not everyone lives in a world of middle class privilege

  6. Oh fak off now. Yes your family is so much better than the average and people who get kicked out their home should feel jealous and depressed.

    Sod off you’re not special

    1. Blimey, James! – you really struggle to accentuate the positive, don’t you?!

      It is possible to appreciate someone’s good fortune and sympathise with the tribulations of others, you know – the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

      1. It’s so self indulgent. Aren’t my family great blah blah blah I’m so lucky blah blah blah. I can’t stand it

        1. Why get so worked out about something that’s actually pretty positive? Aren’t there enough horrible things in this world to really worry about?

          1. Is it really positive for someone not so fortunate or is it just self satisfied smugness

          2. Yes I think it is, or at least it can be. Not everyone whose experience is unfortunate is consumed by resentment of those less unfortunate. Some could see it as a positive sign that attitudes of older generations can sometimes be accepting, even encouraging.

            You’ve often complained about the relentless negativity of PN articles yet now, when there’s something positive (if in a sentimental sort of way), you’re complaining about that too!

    2. BlokeToys 5 Sep 2013, 5:12pm

      People who find themselves shunned or abandoned by a homophobic family should get f’ing angry, get fired up, and be more determined to make a success of their lives. Then, when their hateful families come back begging for forgiveness, they should tell them to take a f’ing long walk off a very short pier.

      Yes, she is a good parent, and yes, her son is lucky to have been raised by such an obviously open and intelligent woman. We should feel happy about this story, and it should inspire others to be better parents to their own kids.

      1. Bloke toys getting angry and fired up does not help. If you act out of anger you will end up in a worse situation. Best thing is to find out who your are find out what you love and follow that. Ignore the family if they dissed you

  7. BlokeToys 5 Sep 2013, 5:08pm

    Bigoted, religious, hateful parents pay attention… THIS IS EXCELLENT PARENTING.

    It’s a shame that such things need to make the news or go viral, it shouldn’t need to be such an amazing thing to see. Unfortunately, there are a lot of irrational parents out there who obviously do not love their kids as they should, that’s what makes this note more meaningful.

  8. Mihangel apYrs 6 Sep 2013, 12:48pm

    in a way it’s sad that we celebrate such expressions of parental love – it should that way.

    In reality we all know that such a declaration is not a universal reaction.

    Blessings to both

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