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Mexico: Legislator asks authorities to ban same-sex weddings from public spaces

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Reader comments

  1. These bigots never have any ability to deal with normal situations.

    It goes something like this:

    Child: Mummy why are those two men kissing?
    Mum: They love each other like mummy and daddy.
    Child: Can i have an ice cream?.
    Mum: Yes Kevin.

    But, Hey! don’t let me intrude on your prejudices.

    1. Exactly! Children are not born bigots… It’s learned like walking and talking! When people say they are protecting the children as in this case what they are really saying is “I am a bigot, I want my children to be bigots… I don’t want them to see anything that would make them question my judgement!”

      Your example, like this one attached is the kind people need to see to realize to kids it only becomes an issue when you make it one!

  2. Confuses children? Try getting them to understand talking snakes and women made from a man’s rib, to say nothing of people coming back from the dead after asking us to drini his blood and eat his flesh. Now THAT is confusing for children. But, for some reason, because it has the word ‘belief’ attached to it, it thinks it has carte blanche to dictate to everyone how they should behave. Fortunately, we can no longer be burned at the stake for arguing back – thank god (pun intended).

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