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Islamic trans woman: Wiltshire Mosque asked ‘inappropriate questions’ and discriminated against me

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 5 Sep 2013, 1:15pm

    I understand Lucy is being discriminated against but surely the real question should be if the need and belief to pray why do men and women need to pray separately.

    If you’re going into one of the worst religions for homphobia and sexism, it’s clear transphobia will also be an issue.

    It just shows the worst of humanity comes from religion.

    1. The Bishop 5 Sep 2013, 2:47pm

      Strangle enough, some conservative and Muslim countries seem to have less of a problem with gender reassignment, and recognition of their marriages, than the UK, perhaps because it can socially maintain their black and white view of gender, whereas gay marriages are very confusing for them and thus not tolerated.

      1. The Bishop 5 Sep 2013, 2:48pm

        *strangely enough – duff autocorrect.

  2. Oh honey, surely you knew what you were getting into when you converted to that cult ! Believe what you want to believe but there’s no need to indoctrinate yourself into a religion that is against LGBT people and women in general. Your religion is yours to define and celebrate as you choose, Mosque’s and Church’s will not help you as an LGBT person or a woman.

  3. Is Pink News some kind of training ground for tabloid journalism? The accuracy of this headline is worthy of the Sin or the Heil. The headline seems to suggest that a trans woman has been subjected to bigoted treatment by the mosque. Then when you read the actual article, the spokesperson from mosque comes across as being quite supporting and inclusive, whilst she comes over as having a history of being a bit of nightmare with a huge chip on her shoulder. I know there is plenty of homophobia, transphobia and misogyny where religion is concerned. Isn’t it a bit misleading to paint this as one of those instances when it seems they’ve gone out of their way to be supportive?

    1. i wouldn’t say she particularly comes across as having a history of being a nightmare or having a chip on her shoulder (sounds like she has a pretty tough family situation also)

      but i agree the person from the mosque doesn’t sound unreasonable either

      it’s difficult to know which side is in the right (if indeed either side is) when it is just one side against the other like this

  4. OK ok! I will call out the obvious but the Muslim religion isn’t exactly known for it’s support of LGBT groups yet this “woman” is surprised that they didn’t welcome here with open arms. Seriously woman, think about it.

      1. I believe it’s a mistake to see the availability of gender reassignment in Iran as some sort of liberalism. In reality it’s pushed on men who are seen as sexually subversive and renders them, as childless and unmarriageable women, the most powerless people in that society.

        1. Mike Homfray 5 Sep 2013, 2:23pm

          I would agree. In fact, many of the men are actually gay not transgendered, and see it as the only way to survive.

        2. Helge Vladimir Tiller 5 Sep 2013, 4:53pm

          YOU are right, Rehan ! In IRAN only HE and SHE is accepted. Period ! Literally spoken that means a man and a woman ( a 100 % ) I met my first gay Iranian darling in London in 1968. A beautiful young man, serving in the marines in Southampton. Later others came into my life.So I pretty much know and understand the gay scene in Iran. LGBTQ persons have an enormous difficult situation under The Mullah Regime. That’s for sure.
          Thanks a lot, Rehan ! ( Iran means very much to me-)

    1. No need for the scare quotes.

  5. Yes, because Islam is known for being tolerant and inclusive. Seriously….pick your battles.

  6. This story is taken from The Sun – so of course is wholly reliable.

  7. In 2011 Ms Vallender first considered Islam after trying Buddhism and Judaism …. “Islam is just so lovely and peaceful.”

    I’m afraid her desperation to find a meaning or purpose in life has made her seem more than a little confused.

  8. I so do not feel sorry for her. She decided to choose the most misogynistic ideology ever. What a fool.
    I am more annoyed with her for wasting police time and our tax money.

  9. masochist much?

  10. Now that this story is in the National Tabloids, I fear for her safety. Why on Earth did the silly cow get involved with a misogynistic fascist ideology – death wish?

  11. My first reaction was you daft cow…my second is mental health issues.

    Islam ‘the religion of peace’ (joke) is not your answer.

  12. Next we’ll hear about a Jew who joined the National Front or Hizbullah and wasn’t made to feel welcome. Why oh why did she want to get involved in an ideology such as this? Where did she get this “lovely and peaceful” idea from? And yes, I have read the Qur’an, many times.

  13. Stephen Mole 5 Sep 2013, 5:45pm

    What dear? Man dear? Me dear? No dear. Come on Rchid, we’re off. Frankly, I’m flabberghasted.

  14. Keith in SALFORD 5 Sep 2013, 9:29pm

    What for?
    Walk into a wasps’ nest, luv, expect to get stung.

  15. Staircase2 5 Sep 2013, 11:14pm

    Is it just me that finds this story more than a little confused?

    Not least because at the end the Police are quoted as talking about Layla not being arrested if she goes to the Mosque….
    Did I miss something…? (Nowhere in the rest of the article is that mentioned ps why is that quote there…? Unless something else has been left out…?)

    Agree that the Mosque spokesperson comes across as very reasoned.

    Perhaps it would help if the article were less confused

  16. By the looks of this, the Mosque have been more than welcoming and inclusive… The headline is misleading.
    Also, she has a history of similar stories behind her, even though there’s an apology FROM her over the SMS and verbal abuse she was giving out.

    I’d say the headline should read:
    “Trans woman converts to Islam to cause trouble for column inches”

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