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Irish Foreign Minister: We ‘strongly disagree’ with Russian anti-gay laws and will stand against them

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  1. That’s great. Thank you. Now put some pressure on the International Olympic Committee to take the games away from Russia and stage them in a country which abides by the IOC’s rules not to discriminate against ANYONE.

  2. Derek Williams 5 Sep 2013, 5:53pm

    Great to hear this from a senior politician, and it will bite if echoed by other countries.

  3. Mr. Gilmore thats great but what are you going to do to suspend Russia’s voting privilages at the CoE and remove their judges at the EHRCt.; for extensive, prolonged, persistent, and serial violations of basic Human Rights! until they restore equal rights to all their citizens including their gay population and their childrens rights to a fair and non abusive educational and home environment that does not foster prejudice. and get the IOC to listen to reason and move the Sochi games.

    It would be great if The Taoiseach would chime in and condemn Russia’s human rights violations and propose some actions.

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