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William Hague: ‘Britain must stick to its values and not retreat on issues like gay rights in Russia’

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Reader comments

  1. Who said protests achieve nothing? #Russia4Love

  2. Hague opposed the repeal of Secion 28, and gay adoption!
    What a joke!
    Excellent gay journalism Pink News!!!

    1. And you oppose us speaking out about Russia. Youve got more in common than you think

  3. We know Hague did, but you need to remember that its just about lip service when at comes the LGBT rights and the Conservative Party.

  4. It is an unfortunately worded, ambiguous sentence.
    “to retreat on something” can mean to step back from doing. This is the intended interpretation. In this interpretation “on something” expresses the object of the retreat.
    On another interpretation, “on something” functions differently. The object of the retreat is (in this case) not stated. Consider the sentence “He retreated on a horse”. Here “on a horse” is the instrument by which the retreat is made. Likewise, one interpretation of the sentence (however strange it would be), is that the instrument used to retreat is “issues like gay rights in Russia”. Under this interpretation, issues like gay rights are seen as a mistaken way of retreating from other problems!

  5. BlokeToys 4 Sep 2013, 2:04pm

    Says a man who supported Section 28, and wanted to keep a ban on gay adoption.

    It’s also slightly strange considering this man has just spent several weeks using every tactic in the book – including using some of the most inflammatory war rhetoric not seen since the Cold War – to convince us all to bomb Syria with no evidence to justify an attack.

    It’s also quite amusing to see a man who openly stated on national TV that our rights to privacy were redundant and that if we haven’t done anything wrong then we have nothing to fear from mass government surveillance of innocent people, daring to comment on issues of Human Rights.

    We should appreciate it when any politician speaks out on this, but Willy Vague is such a hypocrite it’s unreal.

    Every time I see his face I think of him as nothing more than a 10 year old Thatcherite trapped in a grown mans body.

  6. To continue and clarify the reflection, consider the sentence, “Britain retreated (from the problem/question of…) on a narrow vote”. Here “retreat” is being used in a similar way to “He retreated (from the battlefield) on a horse”, where the thing retreated from is not expressed by the prepositional phrase “on a horse”. The strange, unintended interpretation of the sentence that Hague uttered is then something like “Britain must not retreat (from…) on issues like gay rights in Russia.” In “Britain retreated (from the problem/question of…) on a narrow vote”, “on a narrow vote” functions similarly to “by (virtue of) having a narrow vote”. “on issues like gay rights in Russia” in “Britain must not retreat (from…) on issues like gay rights in Russia”, functions somewhat like “by considering/discussing issues like gay rights in Russia.”

  7. The fact that “retreat” is ambiguous in this way is indicated by the fact that ellipsis produces zeugma:

    “She retreated on a horse, and they on (the question of) whether to have another pint.”

    “He retreated on a bath tub, and they on going to the gym.”

    This sentence sounds amusing because of the meaning of “retreat” is different depending on what it combines with. In the first conjunct, “retreat” combines with a prepositional phrase (“on a horse”) describing a means by which a retreat is made. In the second conjunct, “retreat” combines with “on” to form a clause that expresses the object of the retreat.

  8. Classic – coming from a party which, in the 1980’s, introduced legislation IDENTICAL to Putin’s anti-gay promotion law. Such short and hypocritical memories – with members who are STILL revoltingly homophopbic as was clearly revealed during the recent debates on equal marriage.

    1. If you are going to be truthful S28 was the same type of law motivated by the homophobic ignorant bigotry of “traditional values” and delusional religion, but S28 was NOT in the general law, it *only* applied to local authorities and local education authorities, and that was way bad enough as it blighted a generation and encouraged school bullying and ignorant prejudice.
      However the Russian law banning pro-gay “propaganda” goes far beyond this, as it effectively applies in private situations and in all public places, thus affects reporting , journalism, education, public demonstrations, protest, advocacy of gay anti-discrimination or equal rights legislation, even advocating the repeal of the law it’s self illegal, It has universal application.
      NO it is not identical it IS multiple times worse and you cannot advocate against it, or protest the harm and discrimination it engenders, without “creating an intrest in non-traditional sexual relations”!!!! Yes the law states that.

    2. I have no illusions about Mr Hague, he has not been an ardent supporter of gay equality in the past, and unless he has had an epiphany, I do not trust him. And I would add I have never ever voted Tory ever!
      There is a certain hypocracy in his statement, with the majority of Commonwealth countries still criminalising gay relationships, has he been in the forefront to get these countries to stop persecuting and dehumanising gay people, I would be a lot more confident in his stated policy position if I had any evidence of that.

  9. Jock S. Trap 4 Sep 2013, 3:02pm

    I love living in 2013. Don’t see the point in living in the past.

    1. Try telling that to the likes of Mugabe and other religious nutters who use a two-thousand year-old book to incite hatred against and marginalise gay people.

  10. Cool. But pleeeze do not put it up for a vote in the British parliament!

  11. Don Harrison 4 Sep 2013, 4:46pm

    We can not forget that under Thatcher the Tories bought in Clause 28

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