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Video: US radio host says ‘the Nazi Party started in a gay bar in Munich’

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Reader comments

  1. Carnival barker of hate pandering to low-education angry impotent morons.

    I always wait for so-called “moderates” to call him out – to be the ones who make a point of condemning him and his ilk with a loud and very public “not in my name”. But, just as huge numbers of baptists never show up to counter the WBC, it never happens.

    The lunatics are running the asylum – Weak-willed spineless apathetic wimps are letting scum like Fischer set the modern faith agenda for them. Pathetic.

    As for Fischer himself? HIs salary is no secret, he has a personal vested interest in fighting hard to oppose federal recognition and protection of LGBT people because it would likely put his tax-favourable NPO out of business.

    1. There are a lot of christians who speak out. The quakers, many vicars in the C of E, there are even a 1 or 2 catholic priests. The president of the USA, who is a christian speaks openly for gay rights. David Cameron is a christian, he introduced equal marriage. Tony Blair was a christian, he stopped clause 28, amongst other LGBT rights.

      Before anyone throws leviticus at me, I’m not a christian, I just try and see a more moderate view of christianity – what’s the point of making more of an enemy of over 2 billion christians – bridges need to be built, not burnt. It’s legal to be gay in the majority of christian countries.

      Personally I think that pink news focuses too much on these two daily stories of two bit barking mad homophobic radio hosts in america. The most extreme homophobia, the main suffering of LGBT people is in the middle east. Christianity has a long way to go before we are seen as equal in the eyes of their god, but islam hasn’t even begun.

      1. Keep in mind that most of what you say is of no relevance to the US – And while the POTUS has “evolved”, the kind of people that Fischer appeals to are not going to pay one iota of attention to him.

        It is in congregations, it is in memberships lists of subscribers and donors, that I wait for the difference to occur. There are men like Fischer, pastors who describe us being locked up in concentration camps, pastors who liken us to beasts – and they do so in the understanding that there are plenty of people who agree with them. Where is the counter to that?

    2. As of today, gay-affirming Christians can be found at the NALT Project.

      See this:

      1. Yeah, a gay man who called the cherry-picking hypocrites on their BS had to step up and organise for them. Like I said, apathetic and/or spineless.

  2. This is the sort of person who, in the next breath, would claim that there was no such thing as a gay bar before the “free love” 60s.

    Really, he’s so idiotic it’s amusing. His grasp of history is non-existent, but all the same I’d dearly love to know how he thinks Stalin managed to find “straights” vicious enough to be his enforcers.

  3. Jock S. Trap 4 Sep 2013, 1:19pm

    Keep digging Mr Fischer… the Loony rooms gotta be down their somewhere!

  4. Do us all a favour Mrs Fischer, you old queen, get yourself out of the closet.

  5. “everywhere you go, when gay activists gain the upper hand” – where has he been?????

    1. san Francisco?

      possibly one of the most thuggish places on earth?


  6. The Bishop 4 Sep 2013, 1:36pm

    He gets this from that Scott Lively propaganda book.

    Funny how these guys project their own intolerance.

  7. Anti-gay Nazi Bryan Fischer is becoming increasingly “bigotastically” senile.
    His claims are quite “senilerealistic”

  8. Tom Cotner 4 Sep 2013, 1:44pm

    Just like any other “preacher for money”, this yo-yo hasn’t a clue as to how absurd he sounds — nor would he care.
    Some people – certainly this one included – are totally incapable of living their pitiful lives without at least trying to belittle anyone else in their way. It is sad, really – and I feel sorry for this man – who is so wrapped in hatred that he cannot see life as it is – in all its beautiful forms.

    1. Yes – but it is SELF-HATRED which drives him. He is SO disgusted at his inner same-sex attraction that he spews his venon on those he sees as representing that which he hates most in himself – homosexuality. He simply uses the bible to (a) re-inforce this self-hatred and (b) carve himself a VERY nice living in the process. Really, not enough is done to explain and expose the TRUE CAUSE of homophobia. If it were, perhaps homophobes would think much more carefully before revealing their ‘hatred’.

  9. Justusboyz 4 Sep 2013, 1:48pm

    If we lacked the ‘live and let live’ philosophy Mr Fischer.. How come your still here?

  10. Kristyana Finch 4 Sep 2013, 1:55pm

    This is the argument put forward when an argument is lost. This is the argument put forward when there’s nothing left. I certainly am not feeling threatened by such a feeble mind . One only hopes that similar feeble minds don’t actually have power. Oh hang on I forgot Putin!

  11. That dinosaur probably partied in it!

  12. I am glad crazies like this get reported on because it shows the American people how insane people like Bryan Fischer are. However, he is far from what we would consider a popular “radio host” and is a member of an SPLC certified hate group. I do not know if the KKK has “radio shows” but he would rank in that category… I think it also paints a picture of the USA that is not true. You can search Pink News stories and for every story like this one, there is another describing huge change in our country from civil disobedience to protests to marriage equality in 13 states and DC. The majority of Americans find gay rights human rights. Yes, we have a special brand of fire and brimstone fundamentalism here but it is no where near as mainstream as foreign press makes it sound.

  13. Martin Leyland 4 Sep 2013, 2:11pm

    Of course we were all in the SS! And then when Hitler was in power, we arrested ourselves and sent ourselves to concentration camps, where we forced ourselves to die in the name of National Socialism, because hey, all Nazis were crazy.
    You, on the other hand, Mr Fischer, can outdo the craziest of crazies…..

  14. No one knows Munich’s gay bar scene for the past 150 years like Bryan Fischer.

  15. Aryugaetu 4 Sep 2013, 2:38pm

    First, the story was mistranslated. “Die Nazi-Partei begann in einer Bar voller Arschlöcher. Jeder hatte ein Hakenkreuz tätowiert auf seinen Penis.” was shortened due to article space to “Die Nazi-Partei begann in einer Schwulenkneipe.” The writer took the words literally, wrongly assuming the only place you would find so many dicks and assholes would be a Gay bar. When in reality, you could find such a sight at any Nazi meeting. …or any U.S. Republican party or FOX News meeting.

    1. I like your name!!

  16. However true or false that may be … how come around 300,000 gay people were executed along with the Jews, Bryan?

  17. Again, this man has not done any research. Had he done so, he would have found that many gay men and women were brutally murdered by the Nazi’s.

    What a Ddm witted, moronic, hateful waste of oxygen the man is.

  18. Dan Filson 4 Sep 2013, 4:07pm

    Pink News has mined sufficiently the endless seam of “Oh look we’ve found another nutter amok in the USA/Russia/wherever” and should move beyond just being a clippings agency.

  19. This moron regrettably knows nothing about national socialism and fascism, otherwise he would know that Heinrich Himmler who was Reichsführer of the SS
    Set up the reichs central office for combating abortion and homosexuality, and also made a few quotes on gay and lesbian people saying “we must destroy these people root and branch”. Giovanni gentile co-writer of the doctrine of fascism wrote The Fascist State is not indifferent to religious phenomena in general nor does it maintain an attitude of indifference to Roman Catholicism, the special, positive religion of Italians. The State has not got a theology but it has a moral code. The Fascist State sees in religion one of the deepest of spiritual manifestations and for this reason it not only respects religion but defends and protects it. The Fascist State does not attempt, as did Robespierre at the height of the revolutionary delirium of the Convention, to set up a “god” of its own; nor does it vainly seek, as does Bolshevism, to ef

  20. Stupidity really knows no bounds. A sure way to increase support for gay rights is to show the world what an idiot you are every time you oppose those rights.

  21. slightlyamused 5 Sep 2013, 2:07am

    Of course this is not the “blame the victim” aka “it’s her fault she got raped” tool of the neo cons. It not the Rights’ fault everyone else is to blame. Other people are scary.

  22. Who on Earth listens to this mad man’s rantings?

  23. john booth 5 Sep 2013, 10:44am

    Yes, there were gay men in Nazi party uniforms in the 1920s and 1930s. Most of them were purged from the SA (not SS) by Hitler et al. Read the history. Its frightening. No, it must not be repeated. “Live and let love.”

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