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US Priest: Christians should no longer ‘go gaily into the dark’ — the word gay has been ‘too distorted’

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Reader comments

  1. Grown men believing in magic and fretting over the assumed wishes of a nasty psychotic little character from a middle eastern fairy story. Shaking my head (also, so long as the only people they can hurt is themselves, shaking with laughter at the ridiculousness of them).

  2. The man is a fool!

  3. PantoHorse 4 Sep 2013, 11:44am

    Magid-addled loon.

  4. I suppose there is in fact an early-Christian aspect to all this ostentatious chastity, the early martyrs were often a joyless and militantly anti-sex bunch. But really, how crashingly dull.

    1. Catholic priests used to marry – until the Vatican relaised they were losing valuable ‘assets’ to the widows. So, priests now remain ‘chaste’ to prevent any unwanted ‘heirs’.

      1. Indeed they did, and wouldn’t that be a terrific counter-argument to this fool’s desire to get back to the roots of Christianity! But a lot of the early saints – Saints Theodora and Didymus come to mind – seemed to have thought that virginity/chastity was worth dying for, and indeed many of the early Christians seem to have seen sex as a burden, something that got in the way of true worship. As far as I know it’s not an attitude that had many equivalents in pre-Christian Europe (though those parts of Asia that followed the Buddha did place a certain emphasis on striving to be “above” the demands of sex), apart from smallish cults like those of Artemis/Diana and the (highly prestigious) Vestal Virgins in Rome.

        1. I’m sure many religions started out with the absolute best of intentions. If so-called ‘Christians’ actually followed the teachings of their founder and didn’t selectively pick and choose the bits which re-inforce their own bigotry, we might all just get along. Trouble is, ‘power corrupts …’ etc. Look at the vast wealth of The Vatican. They obviously ignore the bits in the bible which requires Christians to ‘live as the birds of the field’ and instead, concentrate on the nasty old testament anti-gay bits. It’s all so hypocritical, exploitative and cynical.

          1. Sadly true. Even the largely renunciative teachings of the Buddha are now usually interpreted by serried ranks of privileged clergy in gilded temples. The human instincts for hierarchy and tribalism take over almost all the time.

  5. Let’s play ‘Spot The Closet Case’

  6. CH Brighton 4 Sep 2013, 11:51am

    Gay pegs being forced to fit straight holes. It’s an abusive cult whose capacity for emotional blackmail of children should be curtailed to prevent those children growing into cowed adults ashamed of their own healthy nature.

  7. Dear Father Check

    Why not turn your attention to something rather more pressing. Let me suggest the poor and the banking industry. FFS get the church out of the bedrooms and into the boardrooms.

  8. You know why they don’t like contraception? it’s not because its against the word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, it’s because they want as many children as possible to indoctrinate into their cults !

  9. Seems like the Catholic church has been going ‘gaily into the darkrooms’… ahem ‘dark’ for quite a while. Ask Keith O’Brien and the Vatican’s ‘gay lobby’.

    What they practice and what they preach are two very different things.
    But since he’s so hung up on the semantics, they’re more than welcome to ‘go cheerfully into the darkrooms’ if they so wish… the Holy See has form there.
    The sun can no more set in the Orient than priests can alter their ‘orientation’ by an act of will, and no amount of clever wordplay will change that.

  10. Oh get off the cross Father Check, we need the wood. If you want to lead a chaste life because your pathetic cult has brainwashed you into rejecting your innate homosexuality, that’s your problem. Don’t make it ours. Now do excuse me while I walk gaily down the street, celebrating the fact I haven’t wasted my life listening to delusional, feather-brained dimwits like yourself.

  11. Godric Godricson 4 Sep 2013, 12:44pm

    Have you notcied how eveyrthing has to be dressed up and made pretty? There can’t just be a brain washing unit endorsed by the Churchit has to be called an “Apostolate”. Oh the drama

  12. BlokeToys 4 Sep 2013, 1:00pm


    What a complete and utter nutter.

    But then, these are the religious, not commonly known for having any reasonable intellect.

    Let them keep on being stupid, ignorant, bigoted, homophobic… it’s just diminishing their power with each passing day. I long for the day when these cults are eradicated from society.

  13. onesecond 4 Sep 2013, 1:29pm

    Ok, well I have to admit it, this man is a perfect choice to make gays chaste, just look at his face! And as ugly as it is, his inner self is even more uglier and unattractive. I’m so sorry for the people that have to endure this caricature of a human being.

  14. They should know how perverted the word is – they perverted it. It doesn’t mean anything bad when I use it.

  15. The bus just doesn’t go to where Father Check lives in his head.

    These outspoken Catholic clergy seem to be coming out with increasingly insane comments.

    1. … and in my book, the more the merrier. They are so far removed from ‘the real world’, they haven’t twigged that a vast majority of the population (of the UK at least) now knows, or is related to, someone gay. And our friends and relatives have realised we are not the evil, child-mollesting monsters the church has painted us to be (how ironic is THAT?!) So, every time they utter more of their homophobic bile, ordinary people regard them as more and more lunatic. They’re best ignored and, trust me, it’s not going to be too much longer before they’ll all just wither on the vine ….

  16. john lameck 4 Sep 2013, 2:16pm

    The Churches especially the Catholic Church should have NO SAY at all on same sex marriage or gay rights. They have a PROVEN track record of molesting little boys and girls. I was one of those kids they molested. The best thing for the churches to do is SHUT your F-N mouthes. Christianity is to LOVE your brother as yourself, NOT condemn him!

  17. …yes, another point regarding this distortion of the term Gay is that there are so many men in the closet, who possess no homosexual traits whatsoever: any camp or effeminate behavior, and they are still having SEX with other men but do no class themselves as GAY!!! Society must acknowledge this and stop discriminating against obvious gay people…

    1. I agree, this is one of the reasons why surveys which attempt to assess the percentage of LGBT in the population are so wide of the mark. They often ask how respondents identify, well the many closet cases will of course respond as “straight”.

  18. Alan Baker 4 Sep 2013, 2:49pm

    Presumable this does not apply to altar boys!

  19. He should concentrate on his fellow priest’s, they promise to be chase, I was born GAY, and I choose to be sexual, the way God made me.
    Jesus gave us one law, Love God, love your neighbour. I suggest you preach that, and stop suppressing people.

  20. I’m not sure if he knows but many words in the English language have different meanings of the same word….let’s just call it like it is father Check – homophobia!!

    1. many words in the English language have different meanings of the same word

      Indeed – not least his surname, which has 5 definitions as a verb, 11 as a noun (if you include the US spelling of our cheque), one as an adjective and 2 as an exclamation. Check, but not mate, I think!

  21. Bud Clark 4 Sep 2013, 5:24pm

    His eye are too close together.

  22. If all this man has to worry about is a word then he needs to get a real job.

  23. What, like the words “christian” and “family” in the context of raving right opponents of LGBT rights?

  24. “… a program which attempts to make Catholics who experience same-sex attractions live chastely.”

    Or more like how to have if off without anyone knowing. (Like all Catholic priests.)

  25. Keith in SALFORD 5 Sep 2013, 9:35pm

    And what would YOU know about it, Check, ya goggle-eyed fookwit..?

    The Catholic Church is absolutely obsessed with that which is between the legs; headscratchingly perplexing considering that they are pledged to celibacy.
    So glad I dumped my Catholicism 50+ years ago.

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