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US: Ex-gay therapy newsletter claims it can end homophobic bullying by ‘curing’ gay people

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Reader comments

  1. Nothing but exploiting low-education dimwits by selling them unfounded unproven nonsensical snake oil. This is nothing but the modern iteration of money-grabbing christian charlatans from the past selling bits of the “true” cross to the ignorant peasantry.

  2. Dave North 4 Sep 2013, 2:34pm

    By that logic I can cure racism by painting coloured people white.

  3. I note the newsletter released by this outfit is about ‘raising funds’. Isn’t that what MOST organised religion is about … money? It preys on the weak and frightens them with its superstitious nonsense. This lot is doing the same. “If you can’t stand being gay because of the prejudice and bigorty generated by religion, give us your money and we’ll f**k your head completely by trying to run you straight”.

  4. Grifters. I look forward to the misrepresentation and harmful practice lawsuits.

  5. Jock S. Trap 4 Sep 2013, 3:07pm

    What they are in effect writing is “Why not kill your children today or we’ll do it tomorrow”

    Shocking but true.

    This kind of nasty organisation serves no purpose in the world other than to destroy people.

  6. Why not end homophobic bullying by curing homophobes? There more of them than there are of us. Sounds like more money to be had to me :)

    1. Now that is the sort of transformational therapy that could get real results.

    2. Excellent suggestion! You could start by curing ‘evangelicals’. Without religiously-inspired homophobia, there’d be no homophobia. So, the best way to prevent homophobic bullying is to rid the world of that which incites homophobia – religion!

      1. Without religiously-inspired homophobia, there’d be no homophobia.

        That might be true of the Western world, but not necessarily elsewhere. China, which accounts for a sixth of the world’s population, has never had a religious basis for its homophobic attitudes and laws.

        1. That is so totally true. So where does it come from?

          1. Tribalism. Conformism. Exaggerated deference to social convention. Dislike of anything that goes counter to tradition. Ridicule of anything that might seem to undermine machismo for men; or make women potentially independent of men. I could go on …

  7. “Scripturally untrue”? Which “scriptures” indicate that homosexuality isn’t innate?

    1. Guglielmo Marinaro 4 Sep 2013, 6:01pm

      Romans 1: 22-27. According to Paul, homosexuals are people who started out heterosexual, but whom God turned homosexual as a punishment for worshipping images of mortal man, birds, quadrupeds and reptiles (v. 23). I’m not aware of knowing any gays whose sexual history matches this nonsense. Are you?

      1. Thanks, I didn’t think of that. And certainly not! It’s hard to understand how silly old Paul accounted for the Egyptians (among others) who, according to his witterings, should all have been burning with lust for their own sex. Prejudice packaged as sanctimoniousness, what a profoundly unattractive combination.

      2. Nope!! There is nothing for me to connect to in Genesis 19 either. Supposed gays being offered two virgin daughters as distraction? That we are all violent (prison type?) gang rapists? Trying to compare two loving gays to this kind of bollocks is beyond absurd! It’s an outrage!

      3. Romans 1 is about idolatry, not homosexuality. Paul wrote his epistle to the Romans from the rowdy port city of Corinth, where sexual immorality and prostitution were openly practiced. Yet Rome was even more idolatrous than Corinth. Sporting events in the Circus Maximus and fertility goddess worship in pagan temples echoed the adulation of idolatrous Romans. Rome was a city wholly given to idolatry.

        Temple of Concord, In Cybele’s Temple, castrated, transvestite Galli priests offered themselves sexually to male worshipers. This pagan same sex activity is what Paul describes in Romans 1:27. models an architectural style similar to Cybele’s Temple on the Palatine Hill in first century Rome. The cultic sexual activity in Cybele’s Temple does not equate to modern homosexuality anymore than rape equates to heterosexuality.(1) Idolatry, (2) fertility goddess worship and (3) shrine prostitution frame the historical setting in which first century Christians received Paul’s letter to Rome

  8. Guglielmo Marinaro 4 Sep 2013, 5:29pm

    Both Christopher Doyle and Richard Cohen are crackpots. Doyle recently organized an “ex-gay pride” demonstration in Washington. How many people turned up? Fewer than a dozen. One of them was Cohen’s ever-straight wife and two of them were newspaper reporters. Most of the few others were people who run “ex-gay” ministries. For Cohen’s screwy antics see:

    1. Just because a blithering idiot wanker like Cohen says its so doesn’t make it so. Even Al Bundy on the old American sitcom Married With Children is smarter than this twit. As the saying goes, “you can’t polish a turd”.

  9. Guglielmo Marinaro 4 Sep 2013, 5:55pm

    “Coming out of the closet as ex-gay or an ex-gay supporter will affect others because everyone has a family. But the alternative is worse – to stay in the closet and hide your light under a basket; to refuse to be the salt of this earth to others who are struggling in secret and think they’re the only ones who have this problem…”

    Yes, I can see that being “ex-gay” or an “ex-gay” supporter would be a problem, one that any sensible person would prefer to do without.

  10. Just another chancer American con artist. The US is full of them, be it conversion therapy or cheap junk they sell on teleshopping networks. I doubt they even care about the cause, its just a money making scheme to them.

  11. “Ex-gay therapy” is bullying. If someone’s not part of their group they have to be beaten emotionally or otherwise until they hide their true selves so they can fit in and not be attacked in other ways.

  12. Glen Hague 4 Sep 2013, 8:27pm


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