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Two Derby County football fans punished with three year ban for homophobic chanting

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Reader comments

  1. Should be a lifetime ban.

    However, at least they have made a start in tacking this kind of abuse

  2. Brighton this, Brighton that, its a blooming nationwide problem. Why is Brighton constantly put on a pedestal? Homophobia happens at a lot of football grounds especially the ones that I have been to! We need too move on. Am happy that bans have come into place but if Derby were playing another side would the club/police have made the same decision? Am not so sure, it really does feel like one rule for one club and not for another. The FA need to do something and quickly, its not nice too feel awkward and feel scared when the only thing you are doing is watching a football match!!!

  3. Derby has really gone downhill. I was brought up there and went back to visit family recently only to find every single gay bar/pub/club has closed and gay people go to Nottingham for a night out. On top of that, the pride this year was cancelled due to lack of funding.

    I don’t want to sound over the top but it looks like something insidious may be happening in the council there.

    Very disappointing and it doesn’t surprise me that homophobia would flourish in that environment.

    1. Eh I live in Nottingham and plenty of people here go to Derby and Leicester for nights out. Its dying everywhere around here.

  4. Changing laws will not change minds. However, making it illegal to be homophobic sends out a powerful signal; “This behaviour is not acceptable any more”. It may take a while but one of the last bastions of where it’s almost guaranteed you’ll witness over-the-top machoistic behaviour (football) will eventually get the message, “If you want to avoid jail, stop being a brainless, homophobic tw*t”. Once we’ve finally cleaned-up football, there’s only place left to re-programme …. religion.

  5. Gary Davies 7 Sep 2013, 3:41am

    The two men in question are my brother’s they are not dead against gay people at all what happened was outside the ground there were around 40 Derby supporters chanting and passing Brighton fans also chanting.Their supporters were not completely innocent either chanting songs that could also be deemed by some as inappropriate.The arresting officer just happened to be near my brother’s at the time.I spoke to him shortly after they were arrested dramatising the chanting making a mountain out of a mole hole.The officers involved were absolutely disgraceful.I’m not condoning the chanting there should of been action but a 3 year ban and a fine come on has the country gone completely mad.

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