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Texas and Mississippi National Guard refuse to process gay couples’ benefits despite Pentagon directive

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Reader comments

  1. History will remember the names of these bigots, especially the delusional Rick (“I’m not afraid to be say I’m a Christian in a overwhelmingly majority Christian nation”) Perry.
    Who may not care about the legacy they leave behind when their corpses are rotting, but their descendants still have to carry the name and the shame attached to it.
    I know I’d be in a hurry to change my name, if it was descended from his.

  2. You know, the one thing that astounds me about the US military in its entirety is how the hell they manage to keep going and recruiting people, are young men and women really so absolutely gullible?

    The same can be said of the UK too, of course.

    Both the US and UK treat their military so dismally, disgustingly, disrespectfully. They lie to them to get them into war, deny them and their loved ones basic rights, use them as cannon fodder, then completely ignore them when they get home so that others have to care for them through charities…

    Why the hell would anyone want to join any military unless under direct attack from an enemy?

    1. Poverty and youth unemployment are the biggest recruiters apart from forced conscription, and we have them both in spades on both sides of the pond.

  3. Dan Filson 4 Sep 2013, 2:40pm

    Simple solution – cut off Federal finance for all military projects in Texas. That should make Texas come crawling back into compliance with the Department of Defense.

  4. I imagine this will get sorted out fairly quickly. We went through something similar after DADT was repealed, when conservatives tried to pass bans on open service in their own states’ National Guard. It didn’t go anywhere because National Guard units, though nominally under state control, can be federalized at any time and have to follow federal rules or lose their funding.

  5. DOMA was unconstitutional because it violated the full faith and credit clause. A marriage registered in one state must be legally recognized by all states. Where they conflict, federal law overrules state law.

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