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Russia: Gay rights activist Nikolai Alekseyev seeks urgent meeting with Vladimir Putin

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  1. What a brave man. Lets just hope he doesn’t go to Sushi‎ bar at some stage !

  2. With the insane, homophobic, anti-West and antisemitic rants that this man has been making on Twitter lately he is the LAST person we need meeting with Putin on our behalf.

    If anyone is unaware of Alekseyev’s recent going off the rails, just google it.

  3. Hayden- Unfortuantely, I believe that he’s playing a “when in Rome” role. Anti-Semitic statements make him look more normal. It’s quite an… interesting country.

  4. “Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for the President, issued a statement shortly after Mr Alekseyev’s request that Vladimir Putin will consider the meeting but must first hear the proposed “agenda.””

    What Dmitry Peskov means to say is that Putin will need to be given some time to decide what questions will be asked and the direction of discussion before officially agreeing to make an appearance.
    There is no Jeremy Paxman in Russia.

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