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Hillary Clinton to be honoured by Elton John Foundation for support of gay rights

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  1. Hilary must be recognised for everything she did for LGBT people. Everyone, even idiot, should concur with that.

    1. She gave a speech. Wow!

  2. Hilary Clinton – war criminal, gay icon…

  3. How can you separate her support for gay rights from her support for a war that killed countless innocent civilians. Sheer hypocrisy!

  4. Jerry Hoover 22 Sep 2013, 11:22pm

    OMG this is so old-this is not news it was well known when Bill was in office-and besides why would that big nose Hoe bring this up now. Sounds like a political move to discredit her. Personally I don’t give a sh-t who the hell she is sleeping with and so shouldn’t you. Did she care that you were screwing her husband for 12 years or is because you couldn’t get any of her cookie? Back off!

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