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Comedian Rob Brydon criticised for making joke about Stephen Fry’s suicide attempt at awards

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Reader comments

  1. I’ve never really found him anyway to be honest…

    1. I’ve never really found him *funny* anyway to be honest…

      Lmao, What a plonker I am leaving out the most important word in that sentence.. *sigh*

      1. that’s quite all right, he ALSO left the “funny” out!

  2. Godric Godricson 4 Sep 2013, 5:04pm

    Never liked Brydon. Not funny…..he was clearly clutching at straws in referencing a gentle spirit like Stephen Fry in such an unworthy manner.

  3. For Christ’s sake, this sort of thing is what makes people reluctant to talk about mental health, and ultimately less likely to seek help when they need it. Typically gallant of Stephen to laugh it off, but he really shouldn’tve had to.

    Not funny, Brydon. At all.

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong, it actual helps to disarm the barriers.

      1. It depends on the person. Some people would find it an attack of sorts and they would close up further. 10 years ago, I would find that type of comment the sort of thing that would make me want to close up further.

        Being open and honest about mental health issues in a non-judgmental way is the best way forward. Making a joke linking the issue with “shame” is unhelpful.

        1. Well im the opposite, which is why context is needed here. fry seems the sort of peorson who would agree with me. Brydon would know.

      2. As someone with “mental health” problems like bi-polar, depression and anxiety I have to say that you could not be more wrong ! If everyone there “laughed it off” then people who have had mental illness would think “damn, if everyone finds it so funny then I’m probably best keeping to myself”. It’s very difficult for someone to even acknowledge these issues let alone speak about them because there’s still a lot of stigma and shame attached, and people making jokes about it in public would NOT help !

  4. If it was said as a poem, it seems to rhyme, I find it quite funny but also poignant. I love Rob Brydon. I actually find myself missing him sometimes. I’m sure Stephen wasn’t too offended. At least he was being talked about.

  5. Pretty tasteless, and not in an amusing way. I usually rather like Brydon, but he miscalculated that one. Glad to hear the “joke” was received with silence.

  6. People really need to stop being offended on others behalf.
    I’m sure brydon knows fry better than we do, he may even have run it past him first.

    1. You may well be right. And normally Stephen Fry would have correctly judged the audience’s reaction to such a joke and advised his colleague not to proceed with this particular one for that reason. But for this particular joke, maybe Stephen Fry simply does not have sufficient self esteem to realise how much he is loved and sympathised with and hence how terrible so many people feel about his illness.

      1. Fry is a thick skinned comedian and left wing, but not the type of lefty that is offended by virtually everything. As I said people are so often offended on other peoples behalf now that its almost impossible to say anything without offending someone.

        Some people, including some people who post on here, are so easily offended they cant even tell friend from foe any more.

        1. Well said.

        2. Colin Cass 6 Sep 2013, 12:17pm

          Never mind the Politics,the comment was tasteless anyway!

    2. he may even have run it past him first.

      If that were the case I’m sure Fry would have said as much, rather than ‘laughing it off.’

      1. Yeah because the media always reports exactly what happened totally accurately..

      2. I am always suspicious of stories like this because they contain so few facts and take a single line out of context of a whole evening.

        It reads suspiciously like a hatchet job to me so I will reserve judgement until I see more info and statements by people who were there.

  7. Bob Brydon has now been asked by Nigel Farage to stand as a Ukip candidate?

  8. This site is becoming the Daily Mail of the left wing.

    Im left wing, but this site is so left wing its joyless. All that matters is what Fry thinks of the joke, your joyless response and unwarranted offense is irrelevant and far more unhelpful that the original joke.

    1. I’m sorry, but no. The audience reaction ALSO is important. If the audience were offended by the “joke” then it is also news and worth reporting. however the audience reacted has nothing to do with the political leanings of this website.

      The “offense” is only “irrelevant” in your eyes. Who knows, maybe you yourself are so right-wing that it’s “joyless”. It’s all a matter of perspective. You think left-leaning people are too sensitive? I think right-wing people have no care for other people and display a social “coldness” that borders on a pathology.

      1. I AM left wing, I just have a sense of humour. Multiple times on this site have the joyless super-lefties shouted the word ‘homophobe’ at straight allies. Its pathetic.

        ALL that matters is what Mr Fry thought, getting offended for someone else when they are not is ridiculous. I dont even believe the article is totally true anyway. Ive seen other reports that said there was laughter.

        1. You’ve clearly never suffered with mental illness. I see your type all the time; white people saying black people need to “lighten up”, straight people saying gay people “can’t take a joke”, and men saying women are “just being over dramatic” – basically people who have never experienced the “other” way of life making fun of it, and then having the audacity to say that they have no right to get offended because “it’s just a joke”

          I bet if I made jokes about your personal “ailments” in public for a cheap laugh you’d change your tune pretty quick.

        2. Someone who claims to be left-wing and dismisses other people as “lefties” sounds, shall we say, a little confused.

          Still, I’m happy for you that you can find a bipolar person attempting to kill himself a suitable subject for a joke. Get whatever fun you can, eh?

    2. BlokeToys 5 Sep 2013, 1:21pm

      Many people in this country just don’t like jokes that attack others, diminish them, make them a target for a cheap laugh. That’s the British culture. We prefer humour that ridicules ourselves, that is clever, witty, intelligent. We generally don’t like to see people used as comedy fodder, especially when they are deemed to be nice people.

      You can disagree, but that’s our society, and I dare say that’s the way most of us think when it comes to humour.

      Look at the most famous comedians we have – Fry, French and Saunders, Eddie Izzard, Victoria Wood, you can go back to the 80’s to see that the British love self-deprecation, modesty, situational humour. Attacking others for fun has never been British humour, those who do it have to pick figures of hate (politicians and bankers) to get even a modicum of success.

      You call the response “joyless”, I just see it as British, we’re good people who don’t attack others for cheap laughs.

      1. ” Attacking others for fun has never been British humour”

        You have to do quite a selective reading of British humour to get that, alas. Whether Russell Howard doing transphobia in the 2010s or Bernard Manning doing… everything he ever did… in the 1970s, there’s been plenty of laughing at rather than laughing with.

  9. BlokeToys 5 Sep 2013, 1:10pm

    Career. ending. moment.

    What an idiot! What part of the brain are so many comedians missing that they think this kind of joke is okay?

    I know that plenty of funny people completely bypass self-censorship in the brain and comments go straight from formation to speech, and that’s often why they are so quick and so funny, but plenty are still able to register when something is crossing a line that probably should not be crossed.

    Surely he must have written this down at some point, read it a few times, and then STILL didn’t see anything wrong with it!

    I can imagine Fry will be a gentleman and say that it’s fine, it was a mistake, that they’re friends… because he is the very embodiment of a gentleman after all.

    The people, however, love Mr. Fry dearly, and such a joke at his expense is not likely to fade from existence any time soon.

  10. Cannot bare this Vile man – self absorbed, condescending prick! – Unfunny, and self important – a man who’s material is mostly stolen from the collaborators in his past – Get him off TV!

    1. I feel exactly the sme way. Fry is such a bore.

  11. I thought it unusual, since he’s on QI a lot and Stephen Fry tends to have people on there whom he knows personally from other things. Sometimes people make stupid jokes and regret them later, not realizing how it would come out or be received due to feeling ‘overly comfortable’ about the reality of suicide attempts/Stephen’s attempts.

    I have nothing against Rob Brydon, his humor’s not to my taste, but there’s no need to lobby around it and call for him to be lynched.

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