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US radio host: People only accept being gay is not a choice because all gay people are lying about it

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Reader comments

  1. Can matron please increase the medication for this mental case -she really does have the IQ of a carrot

  2. Let’s see now, I tried to be straight and to change for many years because I believed the lies that bigots tell themselves and the world that gay people choose to be gay or have some illness that needs to be cured. Guess what, I stopped lying to myself after many agonising years when I realised being gay is as natural has having a skin colour. And if you don’t like that, tell God you do not approve of the people He created, loves and approves of and whose marriages He sanctioned. Jerks like this women lie to people about what God really says to the point where they commit suicide, turn away from Him or try to understand why He hates them. You need to stop lying, you hypocritical bigot.

  3. She sure knows how to get attention and we are not helping. I see this cow mentioned here every week. Stop mentioning her, and go after her advertisers. If she stops making money, she will be taken off air.

    1. I just did a quick wiki check and it says that in 2011 her organization made 23,047 USD. At that rate, there can’t be too many sponsors to boycott! :)

  4. If she wants to lead a hateful life, THAT’S a choice. But I can speak from experience and say that being gay is a way you are born. And no, my parents did not abuse me into being gay. They are my 2 biggest cheerleaders in life. I really do feel bad for this woman and the way she chooses to think.

  5. The only people who claim it is a ‘choice’ are the homophobic religious nut jobs who’ve MADE a choice NOT to be gay. Unless you, yourself, have ‘made a choice’ how can you possibly say with anything like certainty, that it IS a choice! These people need to stop fighting their natural instincts. It is that inner-conflict which makes them homophobic. Just accept who and what you are. You’ll be a lot happier … and your ‘god’ will love you all the more fot your honesty. OK? Good.

    1. Indeed. And the way I see it, going on about having made a choice to be gay also implies that all straight people have been created with the potential to be gay too! How would the religious nuts explain that one?? Or is it just me??

      1. Larry King once asked one such nob that very question on his CNN programme. The ‘evangelist’, realising he’d been cornered, ADMITTED he HAD made a choice to be straight! So, there you go. These proponents of homosexuality being a ‘choice’ MUST have, at. sometime in their life, made a choice to be straight. These people are ALL gay Nd in denial. THEY have made a choice to deny their TRUE sexuality …. so they believe.everyone should. The thing is … WE are happy being who we are. They are not because of their religious brainwashing.

  6. Clearly she woke up thinking, “I really need to up the level of the barking madness. I don’t seem to be getting through.”

  7. Can we stop printing this idiots opinions, she’s clearly thinking up the most ludicrous thinks to say just for attention!!?? And PN is doing just that, I see her face nowhere else but here!!!

  8. She thinks?
    Surely not. It sounds like she’s just a repeat, not worth giving her the attention she seeks.

  9. Forewarned is forearmed. The people listening to her shows are unlikely to be avid Pink News readers.

    Her station’s advertisers must know who she is and what’s she peddling, and are happy with it.

    We however, do not listen to her vile rantings but we need to know what kinds of shit people are being told about us.

  10. Where and how can I damage this woman’s property/skull?

  11. This sort of thing will go on for years yet, just as creationists still go on about the young earth, years after evolution has been established as a fact. Best just ignored.

  12. Helge Vladimir Tiller 3 Sep 2013, 6:32pm

    i never thought that THE DEVIL should materialize on Earth – looking like a very COMMON lady.

  13. I was never molested as a child, and I’m lucky enough to say my most traumatic childhood experience was wetting myself at an airport (which was actually quite funny – my parents had already checked the luggage in so I had to dry myself under a hand dryer).

    My parents filled my life with love and acceptance and I only have happy memories from my childhood. And when I told them I was gay, they loved and accepted me even more, but also warned me the world was full of ignorant people who weren’t very educated.

    I wish you had loving parents like mine Harvey, maybe then you wouldn’t have turned out to be such a cold hearted witch.

  14. colin cass 3 Sep 2013, 6:40pm

    Why does’nt the frustrated old Bitch come out! She will feel Much better! Bitter old cow!

  15. Oh no!! We’ve been caught!! How did they find out about our super secret global meetings and our global agenda?? Quick, send a message to HQ and tell them to initiate operation code red !

    1. GayAgendaHQ 3 Sep 2013, 7:49pm

      Message received, Gaystapo troops dispatched!

  16. When is she going to come out…clearly a deeply suppressed self loathing homosexual of epic proportions. She will only harm herself …white coated doctors anyone, this is one crazy unmedicated bitch!!

  17. Kerry Hollowell 3 Sep 2013, 7:21pm


  18. How to win friends and influence people.
    Accusing LGBT people’s parents of criminal abuse and neglect is NOT going to make gay people turn straight. And here’s another thing, it wont make their friends and families appreciate you either. Weirdly enough.
    And she wonders why the general population have been rejecting her claim in ever greater numbers.

  19. John in Toronto Canada 3 Sep 2013, 7:46pm

    This woman needs to examine her own truth before speaking on behalf of anyone else’s honesty. My homophobic, evangelical mother would take issue with her insinuation that I was ever abused as a child. Indoctrination is the abuse that I suffered.
    Linda Harvey is a self-righteous, ignorant sow. May she damage her own cause.

    1. She DOES damage fhe cause of ALL ‘evangelicals’ as do the Westboro morons … which is why if’s essential that they’re insane rantings receive the widest possible coverage.

  20. Well she really does like these trips back down memory lane to the 1940’s when homosexual experience was “just a phase”Yada Yada Ya, but guess what witch, its not only the experience of gay and bi people that tells us that being gay is not a life-style choice or a choice at all but the failed attempts to change peoples sexuality by nut jobs like her, and the peer reviewed scientific research in all scientific disiplines which have indicated that same sex attraction is as normal and natural as being left handed or red hair, whereas her delusional beliefs are self attested and most definately a personal choice.
    It is rather telling that the religious nut jobs are now paying religious unethical “scientists” to come up with “studies” which give them succor in their delusions, they of course do not stand up to close examination, but no matter they will put them out as propaganda on the premise that the uneducated and ignorant will grab onto anything , so as not to disturb their prejudices.

  21. I don’t think menopause is a problem. Women only lie about it to get attention.

  22. Great, more Linda Harvey. Has it been a whole ten minutes already?
    In this case she really has nothing to say that we haven’t heard a bazillion times before from religious firebrands who think that actual proof to go with their batty claims is unnecessary because of their exclusive access to The Truth.

  23. Please contract a painful cancer.

    Your ugliness and hatred is not fit to belong in decent society.

    One can only hope that in your agonizing death throes you finally see the life that you have wasted on hating others.

    You will NOT be missed.


    1. We’re better than this

  24. There is a grain of truth. A lot of people claim it’s strictly an immutable characteristic, because they think that will better their odds of having their liberties protected. In reality, it’s sometimes a choice, and sometimes it’s not. In any case, no person should have less rights because of who they love. But to say it’s never a choice ever, I think is intellectually dishonest.

  25. She’s nothing but a f’ed up religious nutter with a lower IQ than I have in my pinky.

    Why do waste time on this irrelevant Nazi? Her opinions only seem to matter to other complete nutters, and none of them have any real power or ability to change anything.

    She’s a powerless fascist who shouldn’t have the oxygen of publicity.

  26. This just another way of her blaming the ‘victim’ for being victimised in the first place. In other words, according to her twisted logic, punish the innocent victim even more harshly than the original victimisation in order that they become un-victimised and go straight, as a way to please her. Or, the easier, and more logical diagnosis would be that is she cracked and and only appeals to other cracked psychotic mornons like herself.

  27. Who cares about some misinformed bible bashing bigot. Please can we have some positive news.

  28. How has nobody taken a baseball bat to this vile bitch?

  29. Mihangel apYrs 4 Sep 2013, 11:16am

    remember, this harpie’s profession is slinging this crap around for the delectation of her intellectually-challenged following: her actual personal beliefs may well differ.

    In other words, she’s whoring herself

  30. Jock S. Trap 4 Sep 2013, 11:41am

    Sadly misguided yet again but even if that was true about people being abused all this does surely is the question…

    If Linda and her ilk think we are as a result of child abuse, both physically and mentally… being that these people are vile, full of hate and discrimination towards us… how can it be right to be so hateful and abusive themselves toward victims?

    Of course she is talking a load of crap as usual, assumptions rather than facts but still it’s disturbing to know they clearly agree with abuse being that they do it themselves AND so publically!

  31. Metsän poika 4 Sep 2013, 1:19pm

    Hahahahahaha Who let her out of the loony bin. Should we be worried?

  32. hey Lind… if you’re listening…i have a message for you from yer delusional entity.
    he asked me to tell you he has a very important mission for you.
    he needs you to go into the desert and stay there for forty years.
    get lost or something and find your self.
    he’ll get back to you with further instructions.

  33. She must speak from experience. Given how she ‘absolutely knows gay people choose to be gay’ and all.

  34. Christopher 6 Sep 2013, 3:51pm

    Can the editors add the looney tunes sound to any posting about this hateful harridan? But unfortunately her wicked briefings stir up the less intelligent to harm gays. Thankfully in the UK she would be drummed out of the station for this sort of behaviour. Over in the US she is probably icon to many millions of people

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