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Openly gay Hope Powell sacked as England women’s football coach

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Reader comments

  1. Her sacking has nothing to do with her sexuality.

    The England team did extraordinarily bad recently and despite what she has done, she had to go.

    The same happens in the mens game, if the team do not deliver, the manager gets the boot.

    1. Agree 100%, no controversy just the uncertainty of being a football coach in 2013; its also very old news having first been reported on 20 August 2013 by the BBC. Lazy Journalism, trying to repackage old news as controversy.

      1. Must be a quiet day in the PN office

        1. Yeah very quiet. This happened a while back. And is nothing to do with her being a lesbian. Get a grip, PN.

  2. Godric Godricson 4 Sep 2013, 8:10am

    May be old news but Hope Powell was on breakfast TV this morning and asked about his removal. BBC interviewer still thinks this is news….so PN a little ahead of the game and not behind as claimed!

    1. Godric Godricson 4 Sep 2013, 8:11am

      sorry, should be “her removal”

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