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Oman: Newspaper issues front page apology for publishing a sympathetic article about gay life

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Reader comments

  1. Will they print an apology now for offending regular people with this apology?

  2. Wow – they have to apologise for offending people by possibly being sympathetic towards LGBT locals? It’s the triumph of doublespeak, isn’t it?

  3. What a crazy world this is. There are millions of refugees feeling Syria and thousands have died there … but the middle east is agonising about what consenting adults do. WTF …? It’s about time we ALL (as human beings) took a LONG hard look at ourselves and ask how different a world we’d have without the monsterous, divisive and dangerous influences of organised religion.

    1. While I agree with you about the toxic effects of organised religion, the “Middle East” is probably just following the precedent set by Europe: Oman is 1½ times further from Damascus than London is from Srebrenica, and we all know just what most people in the UK were worrying about in 1995, don’t we? (Hint: it wasn’t genocide of Muslims.)

      1. We did put troops on the ground in Kosovo. That was to stop genocide of the muslim population.
        The muslims have all conveniently forgotten that.

  4. Meanwhile in the muslim parallel universe…………..

  5. Derek Williams 3 Sep 2013, 5:51pm

    Uneducated swill.

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