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Mother of Big Brother US contestant who made anti-gay slurs ‘disappointed’ at ‘inappropriate comments’

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Reader comments

  1. Well, clearly you did not bring her up very well.

    And being proud of your air head daughter whilst she poses like a whore from a cheap porn mag, is an indicator of the “so called ” values you have impressed on her.


  2. Is the mother just naive or looking for someone else to blame for her daughters losses?

    It’s a reality show, the reality is that her daughter is a racist and homophobic bigot. Why should that be censored? The TV station should be broadcasting that, it’s a reality TV show!

    There’s no doubting that this girl developed her opinions from her education (or lack of it) and her surroundings growing up. People are not born bigots, they learn to be that through family and friends.

    As she blamed “Texas” for the way she thinks, that tells me it’s her upbringing that’s created this intolerance of others in that vacuous head of hers.

    Of course, parents rarely take responsibility for the way their kids turn out, it’s always “media”, friends or something else to blame.

  3. There is only a legitimate protest if the footage was absolutely fabricated – it categorically was not.

    This woman is a vile racist homophobic hatemonger, and I am sure her mother has realised what her airhead offspring has failed to recognise – in the modern and connected world, you cannot unring the bell.

    Good job, Gries, you’ve contaminated yourself forever by being on record being filth. I’m sure her kids and grandkids will be overjoyed, and lots of luck with her employment record. What a vile bubblebrain – and this is going to bite her on the backside for the rest of her life (oh well….)

  4. Well if she didn’t get it from you mummy dearest, where did she get it?

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