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Jamaican police: Gay people are no more victims of crime than ‘the ordinary citizen’

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Reader comments

  1. Looks like Devon chose the lifestyle of being a bare faced liar and a bigot. Jamaica is another cesspit that needs to be avoided at all costs by the LGBT traveller.

  2. lady tanya 3 Sep 2013, 11:31am

    in what universe is this man on, Jamaica is one of the worst places to be gay, lesbian or trans,they do not just kill you that put you in a rubber car tyre and set you on fire, i would not set one toe on that place for all the high peep toe shoes in the world

  3. I have known individuals who have chosen that lifestyle but they have practiced their choices with responsibility

    That alone tells us exactly what an ignorant fool this Watkins is. No wonder Jamaica’s in such a miserable state.

  4. He has lovely bedroom eyes . He deserves his own gay fanpage on Facebook .

  5. Seems to be admitting he’s crap at his job if he says eveyone is just as likely as everyone else to be a victim of crime in Jamaica. A backward country, best avoided at all costs.

  6. Another person who likes to shove his head up his ass.


  7. 1) NOT TRUE!

    2) Gay citizens ARE ordinary citizens!

  8. This mans mouth is full of dirt.

  9. Staircase2 3 Sep 2013, 5:27pm

    Bloody idiot

  10. ginil! who im think im fool. man not see wha gwaan around him.

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