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Foreign Office confirms David Cameron will raise Russian anti-gay laws with Putin at G20

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Reader comments

  1. … and say what, exactly? What he SHOULD be saying is “Unless you repeal ALL anti-gay laws, say goodbye to the winter games”

    1. de Villiers 3 Sep 2013, 3:06pm

      Except that the Prime Minister does not have that power.

  2. With the tragedy that’s going on in Syria at the moment I have a feeling this took a back seat….

    1. Sorry, will take a back seat.

    2. Why the red arrows? It should be a priority but of course Syria will be the main topic of discussion. Do facts offend some people?

      1. Syria is irrelivent to this issue, cancer is more important than Syria and global warming is more important than cancer and global poverty is more important than global warming – see how silly this little game is ? P.s what are we meant to do about Syria anyway, boycott Syrian products ? P.p.s people can multi-task

      2. Openly Fabulous 3 Sep 2013, 6:27pm

        Ignore the red arrows, Chris – I have no idea why anyone would thumb down your comments. I think you are absolutely correct – Syria has been used as a diversion tactic by politicians so that the focus is not on the equally important human rights abuses in Russia. I’ve thumbed up as much as I can – whoever thumbed down “Sorry, will take a back seat” must have some serious issues indeed. All the best, Openly Fabulous.

  3. Samuel B. 3 Sep 2013, 4:37pm

    For all of Russia’s abhorrent homophobia, at least it isn’t pushing to bomb the living day lights out of hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrians, neither does it spend millions of its citizens’ taxes eavesdropping on their phone calls and spying on their web activities.

    In fact Russia’s Syrian stance has singlehandedly shamed the vicious warmongers of the west into retaliation, and as a gay man who believes in peace for all humanity I praise them for that.

    I think as gay folk we need to be seen to be supporting world peace ahead of gay rights in Russia as a pretext to then petitioning Russia to practising what they preach and extending the virtues of peace to gay Russians.

    I think by cornering Putin at the G20 summit about his gay rights record when he is playing an instrumental role in preventing a possible 3rd World War will be a distraction from the far bigger picture.

    We can’t have gay rights or rights of any kind in a world ultimately ravaged by war and tyranny.

    1. I am gay and my life was saved by a Western military intervention in the 1990s Yugoslavia. I can’t deny the same kind of help to Syrians and not be a hypocrite.
      Russia has no leg to stand on. The West is trying to stop the genocidal war in which Assad has been gassing innocent civilians in his own country. Plus, the West doesn’t persecute gay people anymore, as Russia has been increasingly doing lately. There is no dilemma who is the right side here for gay people to support. The ones who want to stop a genocide and treat gay people nicely vs. the ones who want to perpetuate a genocide and imprison gay people (btw, Russia has its own share of genocidal wars too).

    2. Samuel B. 3 Sep 2013, 6:12pm

      Oops did I really say retaliation instead of reverse gear?

      One I can’t blame on Apple’s zealous word checker.

      Silly me!

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