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Canadian speed skater attacks Russia’s anti-gay law and admits she’s ‘proud to be gay’

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Reader comments

  1. I think “acknowledged” or “stated” is a much more appropriate word than “admitted” in this story.

    “Admitted” gives the impression that she’s fessing up to something bad. It’s a bit like when people say, “Some of One Directions’ band mates have been “accused” of being gay”.

  2. Its sadly obvious now that the games will go ahead in the vile country.

    Well done to her for standing up and saying that.

    All athletes should do the same and condemn Putin and his laws, what a slap in the face that would be for him to have to stand there in front of them all knowing they have condemned him.

  3. Is one of the Daily Mail journos on secondment to pinknews? Since when did someone “admit” to being proud of being gay? It’s bad enough when journalists say someone “admits to being gay” but this is taking it one step further!

  4. I am so very PROUD of Anastasia for coming out and on her terms. I just wish the IOC would make a statrement regarding the Human rights abuses this proposed law imposes.
    May all athletes who are part of the LGBT community be protected and safe from this regressive government. Putin needs a realitry check but what can you do when a former Soviet thug is the head of the country?
    More internatioonal pressure must be applied to stop the hemmorage of common sense and human rights abuses from the conscience of the hard right wing minded medieval thugs.

  5. Nancy Crouse 4 Sep 2013, 7:31am

    her is the info you requested

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