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Watch the Australian PM destroy a pastor’s arguments against same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Well done Kevin Rudd.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 2 Sep 2013, 4:20pm

    Great to hear, about time! Let’s hope Australia becomes the 17th country to introduce equal marriage!

  3. MattISaTOOL 2 Sep 2013, 4:33pm

    One of the best speeches i’ve heard from him. Its a shame he is going to loose the election this weekend. Rupert Murdoch owns 70% of the news media in Australia and is using fear ‘propaganda’ on labor. So therefore the conservative liberal party will get in power. However Tony Abott (Our new prime minister) is very unpopular as a leader. So when the next election is held (in 3 years) its a non brainer that either tony abbott will be replaced by next inline Malcolm Turnbal (Who supports marriage equality) or Labor will win.. Either way gay marriage will be legal in Australia in the next 5 years most likely..

    1. MattISaTOOL 2 Sep 2013, 4:38pm

      Your also likely to see gay marriage legal in several states by 2013-2014.. ( (In ACT the bill will definitely pass, NSW can go either way.)

      1. MattISaTOOL 2 Sep 2013, 5:01pm

        Thats the new labor ad as well, promoting LGBTI rights in their Campaign. A first time ever a major party in Australia has put LGBTI rights in their main platform. Im sharing this because I read ALOT on this site suggesting Australia is ‘homophobic’

  4. Sorry – but I just don’t get it. Who the f**k is a PASTOR to be challenging the Prime Minister of Australia about ANYTHING? The bible is just a collection of silly, childish fairly stories about talking snakes and women made from men’s ribs. And HIGHLY edited from the orignal manuscripts. So it is NOT a book by which civil rights should be determined. So PLEASE!!!! Let’s get REAL and stop allowing ‘religion’ to dictate what are and are not ‘human rights’. Gay ‘marriage’; is about EQUALITY. CIVIL EQUALITY. It should have absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to do with ‘religion’. Religion does not have a MONOPOLY on State sanctioned partnerships. So let them have THEIR ‘marriage’.. and leave non-believers to have theirs!

  5. My BS detector was pinging here. Unlike David Cameron, who, despite large opposition in his own party and from the bigoted religious sections of the nation, fought and campaigned for equal marriage, Rudd’s using the issue to suit his own agenda. Not six months ago, he was fully opposed to equal marriage. Now he’s a cheerleader for it. It’s not often I am able to defend Cameron, but it’s one issue I believe he was genuine, unlike Rudd, here.
    It doesn’t add up.

    1. Agree with your comments Mike. The depressing election campaign has shown us how leopards really do not change their spots. Krudd is embarrassing and Abbott is cringe worthy. I am keeping my fingers crossed for our senate remaining in the minority green and independents hands.

  6. It’s just a damned shame that Australia is so backward when it comes to marriage equality and that next Aussie PM Tony Abbott is a conservative Catholic extremist. Never mind- New Zealand does recognise marriage equality, don’t forget.

    1. The good thing is that Abbott won’t last more than a single term. He will either be booted by his own party or by the electorate at the next election. He does not stand a chance at re-election.

      Marriage equality is only a few years away in Australia.

      1. Sandgroper 3 Sep 2013, 9:31am

        The good thing is that Abbott won’t last more than a single term.
        He does not stand a chance at re-election.
        Marriage equality is only a few years away in Australia.

        I sincerely hope you are right on all three accounts, but sadly I have my doubts on all three counts.

  7. This same pastor happily re-marries divorcees – which is clearly in contradiction with numerous biblical passages. It is a shame that this sort of hypocrisy is never brought up.

  8. The look on the Pastors face when Mr Rudd came back with the comment on slavery was priceless. He clearly wasn’t expecting. Nor surprise thought that when Mr Rudd asked the Pastor for his own view on sexuality, he remained quiet and you could see he was uncomfortable.

    Good luck Mr Rudd, it will be very close

    1. Sandgroper 3 Sep 2013, 9:37am

      You should hear what some of the ‘chattering classes’ are saying in Australia today – that Kevin Rudd bullied the Pastor. What utter rubbish – never mind that the Pastor was effectively bullying gay people. I just don’t believe the Australian press at times!

      1. “Bullied”, how? By counter-quoting from their own much-translated books? The power and influence of the superstitious in Australia is really rather worrying.

  9. Well done Rudd, and though I find his recent conversion to the marriage equality cause a little suspect, it’s better late than never I suppose, and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

    However, it does make my skin crawl that he feels it necessary to stress his own Christian credentials, presumably because he feels it necessary to be taken seriously by that segment of the electorate, Australia is beginning to resemble the US more than other advanced industrialised nations – references to the often-contradictory “scriptures” should have no part in modern politics or government.

  10. Sandgroper 3 Sep 2013, 1:05pm

    This is lifted directly from Pastor Prater’s website – it’s the section for a mens group and is just so macho! Says a lot about the Pastor….

    the vision:

    A group of men committed to the survival of authentic manhood in the context of todays cultures and society values;
    Are primarly concerned with the individual Aussie male, and his understanding of biblical manhood as the pathway to solving life’s problems;
    Blokes presents authentic manhood from a biblical perspective, and is convinced that significant life change occurs when men understand and apply these concepts.

    1. “Biblical manhood”? Aaaahahahahahaha! I can just imagine these “Aussie males” nodding approvingly of cursing your son (Noah), lying and cheating (everywhere in the good book, but think of Jacob and Esau) and dutifully marrying your brother’s widow (all except Onan, who was more smote than smitten).

      Perhaps the thought of marrying two sisters (Jacob again) and having children by them and their maids gets these blokes excited …

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