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US: Mary Cheney slams her sister’s opposition to same-sex marriage

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Reader comments

  1. I struggle to see why you would want to restrict rights to your own flesh and blood.

    The again, Lyn Cheney is a Republican and they are not known for compassion or understanding.

  2. Liz Cheney is an arch opportunist parroting the party line of the ignorant magic-boggled dimwits who make up the core of the party – and who chase away all moderates who don’t want to be associated with their vile brand of hatemongering evangelical hogwash. The more they repeat this kind of vilification, in defiance of social trends, the more they hasten their demise (and nothing of value will be lost).

    We could argue to Liz Cheney that history has shown that NO, the states cannot be trusted to obey the Constitution and offer equality to all people (see Loving v Virginia), but since when is honest intellectual discourse the hallmark of the wingnut right in the US? Let’s be honest, if left to the States, some would still not only deny mixed race marriage, but would probably still want slavery too. If they cannot or will not do the right thing, they must be obliged at a federal level.

  3. onesecond 2 Sep 2013, 2:24pm

    Mary Cheney is spot on.

  4. Sh***t! If you can’t rely on your family for support …. you must be in Russia – or anywhere else where people are so totally brainwashed by the nonsense contained in the bible. I despair that, with all the scientific evidence we have to proove the contrary, people are still stupid enough to believe in talking snakes and women being created for men’s ribs. I mean … PLEASE! Can’t we just grow up a bit and stop victimising people because of some old novel? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious ….

  5. Were Liz my sister, she wouldn’t be welcome in my home.

  6. Janet Lameck 3 Sep 2013, 12:25pm

    The Republicans stance seems to be, if the American people want it, you’re NOT going to get it as long as we RULE the country!

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