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Shadow Immigration Minister Chris Bryant blasted for saying gay asylum cases ‘will always be messy’

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Reader comments

  1. Chris Bryant told the truth. We need more people like him in the LGBT world!

    1. Jane McQueen 2 Sep 2013, 11:21am

      Actually he is wrong on this issue, as someone who has worked on LGBT asylum cases they are not messy. They may be complicated, but that is entirely different.

      The complexities arise out of the issue of is this person LGBT, now it may seem reasonably harsh that someone has to prove their sexuality or gender identity. But if you had a general rule that allowed for it to be accepted on face value, then you risk it being abused as an “easy” way to obtain asylum.

      In fact, he really does need to look at the time when Labour were in power and their rules on this. As if you were an LGBT asylum seeker then, you would only be granted asylum if there was no possibility you could live in your country and not “hide” your sexuality. Which meant that we as a nation did deport LGBT people back to nations like Iran, Iraq, Nigeria and so on.

      So while it’s not perfect now, and probably never will be, its a thousand times better than it was under Labour.

      1. Nonsense!

  2. Elston Gunn 2 Sep 2013, 11:13am

    Chris Bryant demonstrates the compromises that a gay man must make in pursuit of power…I wonder what he feels like on the inside?

    1. Like most politicians I doubt he is overly burdened with a conscience

  3. hide you sexuality? is the solution that simple? then why not hide your political leanings, then there wouldn’t any need for political asylum seekers, problem sorted

  4. Mike Homfray 2 Sep 2013, 3:15pm

    Asylum cases are usually ‘messy’ in the sense of complicated and not always clear – which is obviously what Chris Bryant meant – and its a bit naive to think that they are going to be straightforward.

    That doesn’t mean that mistakes have not been made . Also guidance could be improved.

    I don’t think that this is a party political issue as all parties do take the same position. Its important that sexuality is taken seriously as a reason but clearly there can’t be any less rigour in terms of dealing with those claims – unless we did the same for the many other reasonable causes for asylum to be given

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