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Interview: S Chelvan – on protecting the rights of LGBT asylum seekers

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Reader comments

  1. One more illustration that our immigration and asylum services are not fit for purpose.
    On a similar vein would these assessors have told a Jew fleeing Germany in the 1930’s – “can’t you be a bit more discreet, perhaps pretend your a catholic, you are contributing to your own oppression.”.

    Those who do not learn from mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.

  2. It needs to be rammed home which countries are terrorists to the Gay people. Our UK attitude seems to be linked to fear someone might slip through who is only pretending to be gay. Better one mistake than sending someone back to almost certain torture and worse.

  3. Mohamed Salieu Kamara 9 Dec 2013, 4:38pm

    A person or persons guilty under this Act can be sentenced to life imprisonment. This law, which was inherited from the British, is seldom (if ever) enforced. That this Act has not been expressly repealed pose a threat to LGBT rights. This Act states “Sodomy and bestiality: whosoever shall be convicted of the abominable crime of convicted of the abominable crime of buggery, crime committed either with mankind or with any animal shall be liable to be kept in penal servitude for life.”

    So far, there are no laws in Africa protecting against LGBT discrimination. This implies that people in same-sex relationships are at the mercy of anti-LGBT`S.
    Our cultural, traditional and religious practices frown at LGBT issues.

    There is a law that criminalizes gay practice in Africa. This law is section 61 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.

    The truth about LGBT is that Africans are far behind on the road to LGBT rights. Talking openly about LGBT rights is still a taboo,

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