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Flora puts ‘immediate stop’ to ad comparing coming out as gay to putting a bullet in a parent’s heart

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Reader comments

  1. Why on earth would anyone even think of this advert in the first place?

    Totally outrageous. Good on Unilever for pulling it as soon as they realised. Amazing!

    1. You are assuming that the creators are capable of rational thinking.

  2. I hope unilever get a refund from the ad agency and never use them again.

  3. What the hell does that have to do with a food product – margarine?

    1. It would have made more sense to label the bullet “margarine” to represent what margarine does to the heart but I guess that wouldn’t have made the best ad for their product.

  4. Am I the only person who finds it odd that Unilever would commission an external agency to do their advertising and that no one within their own organisation would have any sort of input or approval before the add is aired / marketed.

    Sounds dubious to me.

  5. Gene in L.A. 2 Sep 2013, 7:49pm

    How was it put on the air without someone–anyone–at Unilever approving it? This seems a very lame excuse.

  6. I work for Unilever and will be making some noise about this in the office tomorrow.

    For a print/press ad like this it *is* entirely possible the agency just made it as part of their creative process, Unilever never saw it, and it got put somewhere random online by an ad agency worker… And I can vouch for how seriously Unilever takes equality, so I don’t doubt this story. Anybody who authorised internally would almost certainly lose their job over it. But I’m definitely going to be making the mother of all fusses tomorrow.

  7. Everyone always says “Well, most parents would be dissapointed if their child was gay, they have a certain image in their mind of who they want their child to grow up to be and that’s just the way it is”

    I don’t buy that cr@p, because parents shouldn’t be forming some strict mould of what they want their child to grow up to be, they should want their child to grow up to be whoever they want to be, not who their parents want them to be. That’s what a good parent is to me.

    1. Colin (London) 4 Sep 2013, 9:04am

      Sadly most parents are just falable people and most want straight kids and grandkids. My parents reaction was not to tell anyone. They mourned not having grand kids from me the only son with 4 sisters. Two grand daughters are gay. My parents their grandparents still dont like it and voice it. Three relatives teach in catholic schools…need I say more.

      I see my parents very little and find it sad. However I get on with life and have a good one.

  8. The “creatives” who came up with this idea have some serious mental problems.

  9. They didn’t approve it? But they still allowed the ad to go out after nobody had apparently viewed it? Really?! Unilever pays out a heap of money and doesn’t select, let alone view, the ad that is to represent their company!

    I suspect that either A: if someone DID view it at Unilever that are actually homophobic and need to be dealt with or B: they’re lying through their shiny teeth!!!

    1. Or the fact that they are using an Ad agency based in the only third world country listed as a market for the product could be indicative of a need to cut costs and keep it on the cheap. If they’re keeping advertising as cheap as they can, then are they also managing quality control and brand management on the cheap?
      Too busy pinching pennies to notice the poison being pumped out.

  10. they didn’t realise it would be offensive – ha ha ha Unilever really are a backwards company – i will boycott all unilever products from now on. we’re all brands and i don;t want to be associated with theirs ever again.

  11. the ad was not approved by anyone at Unilever.

    You allow a external company to produce a ad which you don’t OK.

    This simply does not make sense -in which case its generally means it not true

  12. Paul Halsall 3 Sep 2013, 10:35am

    At least Unilever acted quickly to stop this. Lord Lever, the founder of the company provided good houses and wages – as well as a brilliant art gallery at Port Sunlight in the Wirral, and was one of the good industrialists. He was a free church man rather than a Quaker, but was a very decent guy.

    1. Yes, the good thing is the speed with which these big companies now act to distance themselves from anything that can be seen as anti-gay.

  13. snoreville story!

    read somethin’ waaay more entertain’n while help out those in need!

  14. …..some people are truly naive, and quite obviously in this case have very little understanding what it’s like to be GAY. I personally have never come across such rubbish and I actually get out a lot. These idiots should literally be SHOT themselves.

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