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Homophobic Big Brother contestant evicted to boos and soaring ratings

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Reader comments

  1. Werner Warga 1 Sep 2013, 5:11pm

    With her many biases I would not think her capable of being a judge. Dump her.

  2. Beauty may only be skin deep but personality ugliness? That goes right to the bloody bone!!

  3. Jesus moran 1 Sep 2013, 9:15pm

    Dumb bitch !!!!

  4. soapbubblequeen 2 Sep 2013, 12:24am

    Stupid cow. Good riddance!

  5. Its Big Bother, half of this programme is staged for the ratings. Even the article talks of “spike” in the ratings. Not saying that this burk is innocent but most of these programs are edited anyway. Any pretend wannabe TV series should be taken with a pinch of salt. They are all idiots looking for attention and will say or do anything to get there face in the papers! Idiots the lot of them. I would slap them all in the with face with a bass if I could………………..

    1. Glad to say, until now, I’ve never seen or heard of the show. It obviously joins the dozens of crap television programs here in the US. Does the UK, or the continent have these stupidities?

      1. Regrettably yes.
        The sound you can hear is Orwell spinning in his grave that a dire warning from ‘1984’ was turned into a trashy self-fulfilling prophesy by TV producers.

        That said it’s almost run its course in the UK after it was relegated to TV concept graveyard Channel 5.
        Once you’ve seen one posse of annoying attention whores who’ll willingly humiliate themselves to get on TV, you’ve seen them all.

  6. Low IQ entertainment. Pay no attention to such waste of life and time.

    Not everyone from Texas is like this. My Texas’ nieces are two of the most intelligent and respectful people I know. This seamy and ignorant girl could not hold a candle to them.

  7. who cares…morons will always be morons! her 15 seconds of fame are a waste of space

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