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Canada: Houses flying rainbow flags struck by homophobic vandalism

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Reader comments

  1. Never give in to their bulling. Shameful behaviour by a few cowardly individuals that will always find something to hate and attack. Lowest IQ dickheads.

    1. Hate doesn’t have anything to do with someone’s IQ. Having a low IQ doesn’t make you a dickhead or a homophobe.

      1. true.
        but it helps.

        if you can’t think for yourself then it’s easy to succumb to hateful thoughts. stupid people are more easily drawn into hateful acts.

  2. Barry Dennison 1 Sep 2013, 5:11pm

    Well hell … I’m going to have to pick up a flag now!

  3. I don’t believe this is specific to Toronto, friends in Calgary and Vancouver and the BC interior have mentioned different experiences.

    Some have been snubbed by neighbors for having rainbow flags, others have been welcomed without incident. Friends with miniature flags or stripe across vehicle bumpers have had people give them thumbs up or the finger on the highway. Others have had tires deflated or vehicles keyed, yet others have never had any problems.

    Incidents like this are going to happen… unfortunately! Where and when is not the problem it’s the distress caused with intentional or expensive to rectify with vehicles.

    People who do this are cowards… brave/bold enough to to it only in anonymity

  4. Put your flags up, and a security camera to catch anyone who violates your property and right to self expression.

    Video evidence will be a great help to the police.

  5. The reality behind this story is: Toronto has far less than 50% Canadian born residents today. Most left in the 90s.

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