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US: Women’s basketball star protests against same-sex marriage

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  1. Stupid. If you don’t support them, don’t bloody have one, job done.

    We could point out that there were laws – underpinned by the same toxic and rancid dogmatic filth as her current opinion – that would have stopped her from marrying who SHE loved if he happened to be the “wrong” colour according to the law of the land.

    When the oppressed become the oppressor – usually using the same mechanics of oppression – they simply demonstrate the unending depths of their rank stupidity.

    1. Absolutely true, people who have been part of an oppressed group should have more empathy but often that’s not the case and homophobic African Americans are an example of this. However you could say exactly the same thing about gay racists (the few on here who made supportitve comments about the EDL come to mind).

      1. Or those who believe in compulsory sterilisation on this site. Can’t see the difference between that and those Mail readers who believe in hanging, castrating people or curting off people’s hands for stealing (no doubt the same people who complain about Sharia law). Welcome to lynch mob country.

      2. Agreed chris. You are my new best friend!

  2. As long as it’s not racism, hey?
    As long as you have your own protections, forget the rest. Right?
    Pure ignorance. An anti-gay, African American, is an African American without a memory.

    1. There are some on here who have the attitude “as long as its not homophobia I don’t care” and would happily forget about the rights of people they dislike. I’m a gay man and I think that homophobia, racism, transphobia and misogyny are all equally as bad as each other, but you get people from all walks of life that when it comes to human rights are completely selective.

      To judge somebody for who they are is a sign of a lack of critical thinking ability, surely anybody with a base level of intelligence realises that judging somebody on their skin colour and/or where their ancestors came from, sexual preference, gender or gender indentity is irrational and defies reason. Hence why support of extremist politics tends to attract the less educated and disaffected. Some however, do it out of pure spite or because of personal issues.

  3. Some unknown woman who plays some sport or other in America doesn’t like gay people. What a surprise.
    In other news, she also had egg on toast for her tea…
    Point is, who cares?

  4. ….Furthering the reputation that all athletes are as dumb as mud.

    1. Not strictly true, the rugby player Ben Cohen seems like a decent, well-spoken and intelligent man he’s also been a great campaigner for LGBT issues in sport. Christine Ohuruogu who won gold for Britain at the Beijing Olympics and silver in London 2012 in the 400 metres is a Linguistics graduate from UCL. Both seem the opposite of dumb to me and there are others that are the same. Premiership footballers are another story…..

      1. I wouldn’t use someone’s graduation from a University as evidence of intelligence – Nick Griffin graduated from Cambridge. Nevertheless, I don’t see why professional sports are portrayed as being any more a “stupid” profession than most others – I’ve encountered mountains of morons in every field. I don’t think athletes are the ones furthering the reputation that they are all “dumb as mud”, it’s popular opinion which does that. Camp gay men don’t go furthering the idea that all gay men are queens, it’s people who latch on to that idea and generalise who do.

    2. Most WNBA players are college graduates and articulate, gracious people. Some have advanced degrees, many from prestigious schools. They do not have the luxury of being in “one and done” programs, leaving college to play pro after a year or two (as with most NCAA student-athletes, male or female). Sophia is a bigot but she’s not stupid. She knew what she was doing (which is even more disturbing but that’s another story).

  5. Quicksilver 31 Aug 2013, 2:16pm

    In an occupation rife with lesbians, she takes up this cause? Sister, you need to find yourself a new sport.

    1. That There Other David 31 Aug 2013, 4:34pm

      What, like Golf or Tennis? I don’t think she’ll be welcomed in those games either :-)

      Thinking about it, are there any women’s sports that don’t have a strong Lesbian contingent amongst their bigger teams or tournaments?

      Perhaps she ought to go find a job on Dogma TV or similar. She’ll be much happier IMO.

    2. Perhaps she’s just trying to avoid marrying her main squeeze.
      Honey, I love ya, and I’n marry you in a minute if the law let me…..

  6. What a vile woman. And she smiles as if imposing your views on other and denying them their rights is something of which someone should be proud.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Aug 2013, 2:26pm

    Someone should hold up a sign saying: “Vote YES to re-introduce anti-miscegenation,” see how she likes it or has the intelligence to equate the correlation with what she is saying.

    What galls me about some black people is that they are very offended when we compare our civil rights struggle with theirs. They say they aren’t the same apparently and dilutes the history of black oppression.

    1. What galls me about “some” white people is that they resort to generalizations about race when it comes to homophobia and people of color. Who bankrolls anti gay legislation in the U.S.? Uganda?

      “when we compare our civil rights struggle with theirs” <— Black + gay are not mutually exclusive. Who is "we"? Who is divisive here?

      There are similarities re: LGBT equal rights and the black civil rights movement and there are many differences. There are enough resources on the Internet for you to easily look up at least 20+ (there are many more of course) black LGBT activists who can school you. For historical context, start with Bayard Rustin. Also, do your research on prominent straight black allies, the list is long. Furthermore, there are black lesbian players who have spoken out against her views (Indiana Fever's Layshia Clarendon, former player Tasha Humphrey, Washington Mystics player Monique Currie plus the league's president, a black woman).

    2. Black & Gay 2 Sep 2013, 2:08am

      To be honest i dont like comparing the two, as to me the civil rights struggle of black people isnt just about the right to marry and simple things like that, its also about the right to not be treated as a slave or be forced to sit at the back of the bus, yes the civil rights struggle of the LGBT is difficult but it doesn’t equate to nearly anything black people went through, from being taken from their countries to work as slaves to so many other things

      1. But it WAS about being treated like you were not worthy of equal treatment. It was about not accepting that skin color does not matter. It was about not treating fellow human beings with dignity. And boy, did African Americans forgot what was that about.

        Saying that both cannot be compared makes a great disservice to black people and LGBT people. Why? Because for LGBT people is not just about getting married “and simple things like that”, is about the rest of society ackowledging us as equal fellow human beings. And African Americans surely can remember the time when they were treated less than equal fellow human beings.

        At the core of both struggles, are the same sentiments clashing. We want to be treated with dignity, not like second class citizens. Equal opportunities for all!

        1. Black & Gay 2 Sep 2013, 12:27pm

          How exactly have african americans forgot what it was about? they still go through racism and judgement just by walking into a place, people straightaway can tell if your black or not and will treat you differently.
          But my point was that you can not simply group all civil rights struggles together becuase they are alot more complex, what you said is true it is about being treated equally but for but black people espeically africans it goes into somthing much deeper they had to fight for the right for independance on their own continent and in their own countries to be allowed to self govern , something like that has never happened to the LGBT community as there is no country where there are only gay people for it to be colonised.
          Also ive seen gay people discriminate agaisnt blacks and also bi-sexuals, how can we ask for no discrimination when we discriminate against ourselves?

  8. Lesbian much? Internalised hate from the church. Poor thing

  9. This is especially sad when there has just been the aniverary of the march on Washington and the MLK speech, which was in part only possible because of a very out gay black man Bayard Rustin.
    She has ignored the fact that gay people in her own conmmunities have helped to secure the freedoms she now enjoys and are still fighting to improve them.
    But here she is trying to deny others their full and equal civil rights. Shameful.

  10. She also took part in a ‘pray in demonstration’ against equal marriage. Bet its message was ‘god loves you, unless you’re gay ‘. Lovely to use prayer to ask for the opression of your fellow humans.I’m sure its what jesus would have wanted.

  11. Derek Williams 31 Aug 2013, 3:09pm

    and me marrying my male partner affects exactly…. how?

  12. Sophia Young – you are as ignorant and stupid and as full of hate as the Klu Kulx Klan who carried placards objecting to racial equality – you should hang your head in shame.

  13. “She also participated in a pray-in protest against the bill.”
    Say no more, really. Another brain-washed bozo.
    But I do find it AMAZING that so many African Americans, whose forefathers struggled so hard against prejudice and discrimination for so long, have no sense of hypocricy over their anti-gay stance. It’s like, “Now we’ve won equality, let’s gang-up on the gays and subject them to the same sort of inequality we suffered”.
    They should take a look in the history books and ask themselves if they are “bearing false witness” in the eyes of their god.

  14. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Aug 2013, 4:13pm

    This dolt is obviously unaware that there are gay black men and women yet there she is, supporting discrimination against her own race. Woefully ignorant bint!

    As George Santayana once said…”those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  15. It does strike me as something of a double-standard that black homophobes always get the “hypocrisy” label attached to them. A homophobe is a homophobe regardless of colour.

    I mean, I know why people say it – the civil rights struggle was one of the defining movements of 20th Century western democracy, so it should be fresh in the memory. But plenty of white people are victims of oppression too – less in the way of racial oppression, but certainly (amongst lower incomes) economic oppression. Likewise, many white women face gender oppression (that other little democratic movement you might have heard of). But these things seldom get dragged up as evidence of “hypocrisy” when they come out with homophobic remarks. Whereas every time a black person says something we get a million comments about it. Taken in isolation it’s a justifiable observation, but taken en mass it comes across as an agenda.

    1. Black people who haven’t learned anything about discrimination from their own terrible history of being persecuted are wilfully ignorant and yes hypocrites because they will not put up with the same kind of discrimination they are so keen to dish out to others.

      1. So true just like white gay people who are racist.

        1. Absolutely James.

      2. What about working-class white people who “haven’t learned anything about the discrimination form their own terrible history”? What about women who “haven’t learned anything about the discrimination form their own terrible history”?

        Why don’t they always get accused of hypocrisy? Why does hypocrisy seem to be the preserve of various minorities (above all black people)?

        1. Historical and present day anti-black discrimination so closely resembles historical and present day anti-gay discrimination that it is obvious to draw parallels between the two.
          Although society has pretty much totally recognised that racist discrimination is always wrong it hasn’t yet got the message that anti-gay discrimination is always wrong as well.

          1. Anyone who is on the receiving end of discrimination should know what it’s like to be marginalised and to empathise with others in the same position, it is obvious to draw parallels in all such circumstances. Everyone knows what discrimination looks like and huge numbers know what it feels like, not only black people. As an example, think about the problems Irish have faced abroad and at home historically. Yet articles about homophobia in Ireland are not immediately met with discussions about hypocrisy and not learning from history. They are just topics about homophobia. Compare with pieces about homophobia in Africa, where we always see comments about not learning form their own historical subjugation.

            If society has pretty much totally recognised that racist discrimination is always wrong it’s gone about showing it an a very funny way. Where I’d say you’re right is that society has near-totally paid lip-service to opposition to racism in a way in which it hasn’t with homophobia.

    2. theotherone 1 Sep 2013, 4:15pm

      it comes across as racist.

      1. What’s “it”?

  16. A pray in protest – enough said!!

    But its not only African Americans who seem to have in their midst people who have forgotten others’ rights. It happens in the UK too. I have lived in London for 20 years and on the number of occasions when I have been insulted it had been from black men or women.

    That has not happened for a long time however and today I walked behind two young men in Upper Street Islington who were walking hand in hand. I walked behind them for quite a bit. The reaction from all the other people in the street? None whatsoever apart from the occasional smile !

  17. Substitutes Black for Gay honey….now see how it feels?

  18. Maybe we should tell her that she will not be allowed to sit in front of the bus or go to university because she’s black. Or maybe she should not vote for being a woman

  19. Meh, this is a bit of a non-issue. She’s perfectly entitled to her opinion, and as long as she hasn’t said anything homophobic then I have nothing against her.

  20. For the love of all that is holy, this bill has NOTHING to do with same-sex marriage. It is an anti-discrimination bill, not a same-sex marriage bill.

  21. Sorry NO black person should oppose marriage equality. Just a few years ago they couldn’t get married. so they know how it is to be told you can’t marry the one you love, and shouldn’t tell others they can’t.

  22. First, Ms. Young, a city in a state does not get to decide what state law is. Second, if you are against same sex marriage, make sure you don’t marry a woman. That will teach all those lesbians who do not want to marry you.

  23. Don’t support same sex marriage? Don’t marry someone of the same sex. It’s a pity that someone who even today has probably been on the receiving end of bigotry can’t feel empathy for her fellow human beings, rather than hatred inspired by her religion.

  24. The clearest example of bigotry you can have.
    The tide is turning against her and her ilk.

  25. Another bible nut…..

  26. A “pray in protest”
    Bloody says it all!!.

  27. Disgusting, what a great way to isolate yourself form the peers in your profession !

    p.s. a pray in? seriously? pathetic

  28. There’s nothing to discuss here but Sophie Young’s dimwitted and overt homophobia.
    A smiling idiot .

  29. What someone needs to ask this dim jockess is whether she thinks it OK to fire someone from their livelihood just because they are gay – or whether you should refuse to carry someone in your taxi/bus whatever because they are gay etc. THAT’S what the bill in San Antonio is about. NOT same-sex marriage.

    This just shows how the ill-informed and dumb are corralled by mendacious ‘christians’ into anti-gay protests. It’s the rank dishonesty of their protesting that is most alarming about many of those opposing equality.

  30. Little Sophia is transparently utterly convinced that sitting there and holding up her little “Vote No” placard indicates to the whole world that she is a good person, that Jesus admires her, and that when she dies she’s gonna ascend into a wonderful faraway land called “Heaven”?

    Poor deluded little Sophia.

    Somebody needs to rub her nose in reality.

  31. She has a right to her opinion, but I hope that she knows that she’s putting herself at a disadvantage with such backward religious thinking.

    Religious influence in the USA is crumbling at an astounding rate, with each new generation able to think for themselves without the pressure of religiously insane parents and schooling.

    The Republican party has already worked out that it cannot survive if it continues to harbor right-wing religious fanatics, and it is trying to push out those interests. They will have to do this to stay relevant to the public.

    Let the religious Nazi’s demand whatever they want to demand, they just look more and more crazy and push more and more young people away. The religious factions in our societies are collapsing, and may it continue until they completely lose any influence.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. People on here often complain about the amount of coverage is given to the likes of The Westboro Morons. Personally, I think the more exposure is given to these loony religious freaks, the sooner organised religion will bite the dust. Religion is the last bastion of homophobic hatred. It’s responsible for more harm to humanity than any other single thing. It is divisive. It brings about wars, murder, suicide – you name it. Destruction – all in the name of ‘faith’. It is the refuge of the stupid and mindless.

  32. I should add, one look at her Twitter account and it’s clear that she is more than a little religiously nutty, and seemingly semi-literate too.

  33. She should be fired from the team. Haters shouldn’t be allowed to be so visible.

  34. She is just standing up for what she believes in just like all of you. There is hate and intolerence from people here but it isn’t her. You want to talk hate and intolerence point to yourselves.

    1. She’s standing up for hate
      We’re standing up for love
      She’s intolerant of people she doesn’t even know or understand
      We’re intolerant of intolerance

  35. A woman in the spirit of Rosa Parks up against the liberal elite pushing the bizarre pseudo-marriage agenda.The LGBT fascists hate people saying ‘no’ to their twisted ideology , hence the vitriol and intolerance directed at this brave woman .

    1. Oh damn. For all these years I’ve thought gay equality was the right thing. Now I find out I’m a fascist imposing my twisted ideology on brave people. I’m so ashamed :-(

      I’m sorry to all the homophobes I’ve offended, for all the bullying I’ve inflicted on you. People like me have made it hard for homophobes to be “out” in public. They get picked on and slandered all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are higher rates of suicide amongst homophobes than amongst the rest of the population. And when is government going to do something to stop the endless abuse that homophobes get on sites like this?

      Time to close Pink News guys. We’re fascists, admit it.

      Thanks Ray.

    2. Comparing this woman to Rosa Parks and LGBT people to fascists – who’s got the twisted ideology here exactly? Go drink some bleach ya nutter

  36. Try this on for size Sophia…

    “Should San Antonio be a city that allows interracial marriage?? I vote NO.”

    Still smugly smiling now?

  37. wish i could be next to her with a sign:
    No to women in sport!
    No to black rights!
    No to stupid smiles!

  38. …… and when her ‘pray in’ proves totally ineffective and the equality laws are passed, will this imbecile take it as a sign that her ‘god’ is on the side of justice? Probably not. She’ll see it as a ‘triumph for the devil’ … proving that, where religious conditioning is concerned, there is no sense or reasoning.

    1. Quite. Confronted with fossil evidence of evolution, 19th century evangelicals (and maybe some modern ones too), said they had been placed in the Earth by either a) God (to test our faith) or b) the Devil (to destroy it). The possibility that Darwin had got it right and Genesis had got it wrong was, of course, not entertained.

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