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Video: Anderson Cooper slams televangelist who said gay men use special rings to infect people with HIV

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Reader comments

  1. Robertson wants to make me vomit too

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Aug 2013, 8:07pm

    What can one expect, it’s America! It has arguably more religious nutters than any other western country.

    1. Kay Arnold 31 Aug 2013, 1:59am

      Unfortunately for us your comment is correct. We are besieged by religious nutters as you put it. They are so numerous and many in our population are afraid of them as they come well organized and have many supporters. One day, I hope, we will be free of their stupidity.

  3. I love how Mr Robertson complained that his remarks were “taken out of context”…

    … and his people promptly went to work overtime trying to get all video of the incident removed from YouTube – videos which, of course, showed the remarks in their full context.

    That said, I hope someone shuffles Pat Robertson away from the cameras soon. We’ve all had our fun – and goodness knows he’s done enough in his career to deserve all the mockery that comes his way – but he’s getting very confused now and I’m starting to feel bad laughing at him.

    1. He’s blabbering all that non-sense, like someone with early stages of dementia. I actually feel bad for him.

  4. “Heterosexual” married men are always trying to find new excuses how they contracted HIV. “I don’t know, dear. I stopped by the Two Cocks Pub for a beer and came right home. I met someone and felt a [cock] ring pinch me.”

    Robertson is just one of the larger nuts in the world’s massive tin of mixed nuts.

    But, I’m not without spiritual beliefs. I believe in Saint Carlin and his teachings. See for true enlightenment.

  5. What a sad, sick excuse for a human. He is one of those who internally is so screwed up he can only latch onto hate as a religion to protect him from all his internalized evil. But being so evil he simply warps it to his evil best.

    What I don’t get is why anyone listens to a word he says. But then, misery loves company.

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