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US: Republican Governor admits comparison between equal marriage and child marriage was ‘inappropriate’

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  1. Will these people stop at NOTHING in their hysterical alarmist scare-mongering to preserve ‘marriage’ for heterosexuals? This all goes to proove the power of religious ‘conditioning’. These people simply cannot escape the brainwashing they’ve endured and believe that marriage is between ‘a man and a woman’. ‘Marriage’ is a CIVIL union. Religion has simply tried to hijack it by defining it to suit themselves. Once you accept that The State owns ‘marraige’ (and not religion) and therefore decides who does and doesn’t get married, you should find it easier to swallow. Trust me, god (should he or she exist) will not punish you for failing to voice your opposition. Indeed, I think you’ll find he / she will reward you for being the kind, condiderate, loving human being you maintain he wants you to be.

  2. Where’s the apology? Saying a remark is “inappropriate” is not an apology to the offended group. This is especially true when he went on to defend the remarks as an appropriate legal argument. Like a typical Republican, he’s talking to two audiences and giving two messages. He’s telling LGBT people the remarks were “inappropriate” and he’s telling homophobes they were appropriate.

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