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Prime Minister of country that imprisons gays for 10 years calls for public to “be light” on gays

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Reader comments

  1. A positive story about a carribbean island. I reckon there will be zero comments

    1. There’s a long way to go, unfortunately religion has a big part to play, the church need to do more

      1. Something as simple as that could make a huge difference to someone who may be living in despair

  2. Great show of leadership. It can’t be without risk for the PM

  3. MerlynHerne 30 Aug 2013, 9:56pm

    For a Lesser Antilles nation, this is huge. Hope this actually gets people to think and to “go lightly” on LGBT people as the Prime Minister asks.

    1. He must be watching breaking bad.

  4. Dave North 30 Aug 2013, 9:57pm

    Excellent stuff.

    However it is not once commented on that women can be so afflicted.

    Its all the GAYS.

    No doubt the ignorance of the churches have there hand in this PM’s
    ignorance, however his comments are to be applauded.

  5. The evangelical churches have been spreading their ignorant anti-gay propaganda and deliberate misinformation for a long while now, churches really need to be taxed like any other business to keep in check their ubiquitous growth and spread and the negative results that come from that and the divisive effects of their power grabbing and control tactics.

  6. Religion seems to trump all common sense and reasoning even in the light of what this man says. Many more people will have to die in these countries before these stubborn backward religious twits wake up. Even so, this is a small start.

  7. MarKo Hubert 1 Sep 2013, 2:43am

    Wow! I’m impressed. He can gives some lessons to WBC.

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