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Comment: I had unprotected sex and went for PEP, but am shocked by the lack of awareness of it

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Reader comments

  1. A very well balanced article in my view. PEP can be a very important tool for HIV prevention & I am pleased the author has highlighted that it is not “given out like smarties”, as one or two commentators often suggest here on PN.

    We should talk more about HIV & I have long been calling for an overarching well funded National TV Campaign that brings the general public bang up to date about HIV.

    I also agree that the small amount of money that is available must be better targeted – & for me campaigns aimed at the “worried well” are not value for money.

    We must invest in those at the very highest level of risk & at the same time try to educate the UK population on HIV & how to avoid it.

    Well done for highlighting the important role PEP has to play in modern HIV prevention interventions

    1. facts and figures 31 Aug 2013, 3:07pm

      We should also take into consideration the long term effects of lipo, pain, heart, liver, kidney, cancer, dementia, mental health…., all or some additional. complication for those living with hiv long term. Around 30% of the figures also die per year.

      1. These are overstated, especially for PEP

  2. An excellent article, and well done for drawing attention to PEP.

    As an individual who has worked with HIV charities and studied the spread and prevention of HIV/AIDS from a public health perspective I also feel that more should be done to highlight treatments such as PEP and also PREP (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) which helps prevent HIV transmission in serodiscordant couples.

    The world health organisations page on PEP offers some excellent links to research and advice on the drugs in question.

  3. You may also be shocked, Daniel, by the fact that there is no irrefutable scientific proof that PEP actually works:- the only sure thing is that at £600 a pop it’s a nice earner for its manufacturers and the likes of THT and GMFA who have been funded tens of thousands of pounds to push it with much gusto and zeal!

    1. The only way to get “irrefutable scientific proof” would be a randomised trial involving HIV exposure – which in humans would be completely unethical.

      Randomised trials in animals suggest PEP is often effective. This is also the general upshot of the studies which can be done in humans.

      Perfect? No. Side-effects? Yes. Worth considering after an incident with a high risk of exposure? Absolutely.

      See for summaries of much of the key research and a balanced assessment of the risks and benefits of PEP.

    2. Whilst the cost of PEP may appear expensive what is the quoted figure of £600 in comparison to a potential lifetime treatment cost of nearly £200k.

      PEP is cost effective & has been stated there is high quality evidence to confirm it is a worthwhile prevention method. The human condition makes us all prone to the odd slip up, mistake – PEP can be an effective way of mitigating such circumstances.

    3. The HIV intelligentsia can mark me down all they like:- but they STILL haven’t explained the dichotomy of dispensing toxic chemical cocktails that are not proven to prevent HIV infection but which do in themselves debilitate the immune systems of those prescribed PEP whilst rendering less effective future HIV drug-related regimes.

      Still, a nice little advertorial earner for The Pink, poor mites!

      1. Up to your usual tricks eh Samuel, I was assured you have been banned from PN, seems you have managed to overcome the security systems employed by PN – this firmly puts you in the same league as David Skinner…… sad that you take the time to create multiple email addresses & no doubt a variety of aliases to subvert these comment pages.

        At least we now know the considerable lengths you go to & the obvious agenda you have…………..

        1. Samuel B. 2 Sep 2013, 3:26pm

          W6, I think you will find that PN have no possible grounds to ban me lest they want to kick up a storm about censoring their visitors’ comments.

          And I would point out I am a stalwart PN commentator of nigh on six gets and counting.

          So nice try but must try much, much better.

          And I would point out to the PN cohort that if anyone should be banned it should be one-trick ponies here only to troll and lobby for their own self-interested cause:- in your case endless shilling for the pharma cos and their hand-in-glove HIV sector subordinates.

          In your persistent hijacking of these threads you are totally shameless yet ceaselessly fail to control and stymie debate or make allcomers jump behind your hive-mind consensus.

          And so long as PN champions free and open debate, you’ll continue to find me here as regular as clockwork.

          1. Samuel B. 2 Sep 2013, 3:31pm

            That should have read “six years” goddammit!!

        2. I have written evidence from the Editor of PN to back up my claim that you have been banned from this site. It seems to me that you are clearly suggesting that I am a liar, & as such I interpret your insinuation to be a defamatory in nature. I suggest you think very carefully about any further comments you post here, as I WILL take the necessary action against you.

          As I have previously pointed out, freedom of speech is a very important principle to protect, but no one is above the Law of the land. I suggest you clarify your position regarding my claim & offer a public apology to ensure that there is no suggestion that I have in any way posted a comment here that cannot be substantiated by written evidence.

          1. W6, you are attempting to ban someone on the basis that their opinions happen not go coincide with your own?

            Yet YOU come here with a pre-determined agenda to act as unappointed PN spokesperson for all things HIV-related with occasional mentions of your Twitter feed?

            In other words you come here with something to sell – your mind-made-up theories and beliefs about the efficacy of certain HIV drugs (which you are effectively acting as salesperson for the pharmas) and a jaundiced and hardly impartial insight into the workings of the London HIV sector.

            Effectively that makes you a spammer as well as a shill and a troll:- using PN boards to promote your own beliefs and attempting feebly to have people who do not subscribe to your beliefs banned.

            Is that any way for a 50 year old – someone old enough to be my father, incidentally – to behave?

            Shouldn’t you be setting an example for the younger generation?

            Truly pathetic, and I trust PN will take heed of my comments…

          2. Poor PN office:- a 50 year old man behaving like the schoolyard brat perpetually banging on their door to ban Samuel B from their discussion boards because I refuse to jump into line with your conditioned way of thinking and instead exercise an open mind and speak as I see – not how others TELL me to see.

            How truly pathetic!

          3. It would be quite wrong of me to suggest that anyone is banned from PN or any other site – all I am doing is confirming that following my complaint about recent defamatory comments you made, I have an email from the Editor confirming that you had been banned from PN. You are either calling me a liar or the Editor a liar or both of us to be lying. Which is it Samuel?

            I think you should be honest with other readers as after all you are constantly claiming to be a “stalwart” of PN. So I ask again can you please clarify the situation; are you suggesting that either I or the Editor have fabricated the claim I have made? If you have not received such a notification form PN then I will take that matter up with the Editor directly.

            You should be honest about this Samuel, as I do have written confirmation that you had been banned form using PN. Despite what you think of me I am not a liar & I do not make claims that I cannot substantiate. Think about it!

          4. And why don’t you be honest for once, W6?

            You seem to forget I “manned up” to my oversight and profusely apologised for the besmirchments I made towards you, to which you humbly responded and accepted my apology.

            I then went into significant detail about why I rail against the HIV sector based on my own personal experience of dealing with them to which you expressed (faux?) concern?

            If you further recall, as we left it I asked you what, based on my experiences and that of others well documented here, you would do to sort out the problem?

            Then total and utter silence until you waded into this thread whining and moaning that I haven’t been banned!!

            It’d appear that after showing some interest in my revelations you subsequently back-peddled and have resolved to get me banned from PN so that the truth of how the HIV Sector really operates – the scant disregard it shows towards those in need of help and its self-serving attitude – can be smokescreened from PN.


          5. I agree with all your statements until the last 2…………….after the apology you gave & I accepted. I was then sent an email from the Editor informing me you had been banned from the site – at no point did I request that you be banned I simply reported that your comment was defamatory & it was removed. I am aware of at least one other PN reader who also complained about some of the comments you have made here, perhaps others have also complained?

            I was extremely surprised to have seen postings from you, given the email I received – this was some weeks ago. I have always been upfront with you when I have complained about you to PN – I can recall 3 such occasions. Perhaps I could have been more tactful & less combative, but it does seem to me Samuel that you play all manner of games here on PN, particularly relating to HIV.

            Now if you have not received any notification of being banned then I will apologise & I will take that up with the Editor

          6. Thank you, W6, explanation and apology duly accepted.

          7. I will follow this up with PN as I believe in transparency – something is not right here & I will find out the truth……………………….I acknowledge your latest comment Samuel I do hope my investigations will confirm your implied assertion that you have not been contacted by PN in relation to the assurances I have been provided with.

            I dislike being lied to!

  4. Good article.
    I agree there isn’t much awareness about PEP and given the authors experience at A&E it would seem health professionals also need to be educated and there awareness brought into focus.

    1. *their

  5. Mate why don’t you avoid hook ups and wait for someone you trust and who respects you

    1. Because we dont all have Victorian values?

      1. Or self respect

    2. What, and deprive the hedonists among us our cheap thrills and gropes in the dark?

      Why, the hand-wringing, heart-bleeding liberals would never advocate such a common sense approach to sexual relationships.

      They like it just the way it is:- with apps like Grindr and Scruff now making it even easier for any gay man to get sucked into a lost world of anonymous, random sex devoid of responsibility but replete with potentially lethal drugs and diseases.

      That is the world they want us and all future generations of gay men to swirl around in while they and the pharmas reap the dividends.


      1. Well that was interesting. Not much about love in there

        1. Oops, applogies James!, the word “love” has of course been so thoroughly air-brushed from our world by the liberal hand-wringers who insist of making down-trodden victims of everyone that it is easy to forget that the power of love provides the only sound foundation for all relationships, period.

          Still, those who advocate 101 ways with saline, spending the weekend trussed up in chains and the art of mummification would, I’m sure, beg to differ (copyright…

          1. Samuel B. 1 Sep 2013, 1:20pm

            Instead of empowering gay men with messages that inspire them to love themselves and others, instead they reinforce the concept of stigma to reinforce victimhood.

            In doing so they promote victimhood and neediness among afflicted minorities:- encouraging us to feel isolated and worthless and to seek meaningless, empty fulfilment in dark, loveless places.

            Was ever the phrase “Looking for love in all the wrong places” a more fitting epithet for this insane upside down, inside out thinking, yet it has created an industry from which these unconscionable careerists can clean up nicely.

            There is no financial profit in love, after all, as love cures all.

            And the cure is the last thing they want us to find…

          2. Wow Samuel, you take Cynical to levels even I didn’t know existed, I bow down in respect, I have come to realise that compared to you I am almost Optimistic!

          3. What a complete croc of sh!te you have been posting. Who are you to impose your high & mighty moral values on anyone else? You sound like the sex police pushing your narrow minded agenda here & in the process being extremely judgmental & totally off topic!

            What a tool!

          4. And you, sir, sound like a frustrated fool!

          5. And you sound like someone who is a control freak! Your postings here clearly show you do not understand the basics of the Human condition, let alone the natural history of HIV.

          6. Samuel B. 2 Sep 2013, 3:34pm

            Thank you Ben (erm, I think!)…

  6. More importantly than awareness of PEP is for epople to know that it is not always recommended. some situations that may appear risky will actually not entitle you to get PEP.

    However, what I would like to point out from this article is that condom use should not be a decision of one part. Responsibility goes both ways, and it is not very nice to place all blame on someone else when he was also part of the decision making process.

    1. Too right, Gonzo.

      In their zest to flog PEP en masse the relentless GMFA/THT ads packaged it alongside slogans that implied those requesting it could do so after planning a weekend of unsafe sex.

      Excuse me, but wasn’t PEP always only intended for those accidentally exposed to HIV?

      For something that was only ever intended as an emergency procedure, the HIV agencies transformed PEP into the male version of the pill, and shame on them for implanting into gay men the idea that they could plan for risky sex on the basis that the taxpayer would collect the bill for their Monday morning request for a course of PEP at the local STI clinic – and with the efficacy of PEP unproven to boot!

      But then, profligacy and the debasement of sex and exposure to diseases is what these loony leftie charities are all about, and now they are paying the price with their public funding reduced of severed altogether.

      Does anyone seriously shed a year for the culpably complicit Matt Hodson?

  7. Great piece and thank you.

    I’m not sure why a healthcare support worker saw you first – a registered nurse should have triaged you.

    Healthcare support workers’ training don’t always extend to areas that would include PEP – a good reason why they shouldn’t be taking a patient’s history.

  8. Andres John 6 Dec 2013, 10:35pm

    Am from CANADA, am here to give my testimony about how i got my HIV disease and how I was flew from it quickly after having on trust on my spell doctor who cured me immediately. Since the year I married to the man I did love because my parents false me to marry him, I have not been enjoying my relationship and sex life with him, he do spend time on his work and don’t have time for me sometimes, he do sleep at his work and also do carry women’s because he has the money to spent but doesn’t spend it on me. So I was so jealous to the extent that I can’t even control my anger and I decided to start cheating on him with my ex-boyfriend, because my husband do not always be at home expect on weekends, I have sex with him without protection, after some months been in love with my ex-boyfriend I was so sick and I decided to go to test and I found that I was HIV positive I feel so sad and was ashamed because I did know how to open up to my husband I hate before, my ex-boyfriend denied me and wh

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