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Cambridge removes ‘gendered’ dress code requirement for graduation ceremonies

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Reader comments

  1. Wait till the Daily Mail gets on to it :-)

  2. This isn’t really news – Oxford did it several years ago.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Aug 2013, 11:38am

      True, it did!

  3. The mail has caught on to it, two days ago. Some of the comments are bizarre:

    So the minority win again, over the majority.
    – I-give-up , Biggleswade, United Kingdom, 30/8/2013 09:30

    I always have thought that democracy is the will of the MAJORITY.
    – JimSA , Centurion, 30/8/2013 11:35

    I would be rather amused if this ‘lgbt’ angry brigade mob tried to get this rule instigated by the armed services….
    – Roy IoW , Ryde, 30/8/2013 10:12

    Dear God! We have truly lost the plot in this country….. needed! Sledgehammer Agree to the The “Average man” pressure group !
    – Pardonmeforbreathing, Durham, 30/8/2013 6:32

    LGBT expect everyone to kowtow to their every whim, pathetic.
    – Mr Blixx, Manchester, 29/8/2013 21:31
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    1. The Mail’s average readership is obviously far too thick ever to have a hope of studying at Oxbridge and probably thinks it is something to do with Midsomer Murders. Its like asking the opinions of a bunch of broiler chickens to offer their comments about Advanced Quantum Mechanics. Fortunately the staff and students of those ancient universities pay their gormless suburban views not the slightest heed. PS not rickety but just about the only world class public institutions left in post-Thatcher UK.

  4. I know Oxford did it a while back … but the more of these rickety old establishment institutions which move their attitudes into the 21st century, the better.

  5. “Required”?! It was actually required?

    I thought these student types dressed up like that because they thought dressing up in antiquated academic garb was funny, not because it was required.

    As you can see I did not go to university…

  6. de Villiers 1 Sep 2013, 1:10am

    It is very strange to require that type of costume. Do all English universities and colleges require it?

    1. No, they don’t. Oxford and Cambridge are a law unto themselves, steeped as they are in tradition that goes back many hundreds of years. That makes Cambridge’s move away from gender-specific dress requirements all the more significant.

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