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Australian tennis star announces she is gay and that she is now a mother

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Reader comments

  1. Good for her and I wish her and her family well.

    Ps, I think calling her a tennis ‘star’ is pushing it a small bit.

  2. Cool stuff.

    You could do an article on Swedish alpine skiier Anja Pärson too, she’s a six time olympic medalist (including one gold) and seven time world champion in alpine skiing.

    She came out as gay and had a daughter this year too.

  3. Best wishes to you and your family, hon. Congratulations on your new baby, also!

  4. Well Done Casey, She is actually a very accomplished players having being a recent runners in this years Australian Open and Wimbeldon Doubles Final.

    The last few years she has been injured and has had most of her success in doubles this year.

    Her career high in singles is 28

  5. Colin (London) 31 Aug 2013, 8:50am

    What lovely news…so human and normal. Put a smile on my face this morning after all this Syria stuff.

    Every happiness and success girl.

  6. maybe another australian female tennis player will follow in announcing she is a lesbian :)

  7. You go girl, She didn’t actually come out and say I am GAY@

    Some Australian reporters asked why she had been absent on the circuit since Wimbledon and she casually said my partner Amanda has given birth to a boy and I am a new mother wanting to spend time with my son.

    It was all so normal with no hoopla and the media reaction to it has been the same. i.e No big deal about her sexuality at all and indeed congratulating her.

    it’s an open secret about the other female Australian player so hopefully she will be encouraged by the reaction.

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