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US: Republican lawyers draw comparison with child marriage in case against equal marriage clerk

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Reader comments

  1. Demented freaks really cannot grasp the concept of legally competent consenting adult, can they. Says a lot more about them than anything else (and, as a legal argument, sounds like it was written on a cocktail napkin after a hard night of tequila and crying).

    The party of stupid continues to earn that name…

  2. Interesting that the US Supreme Court, as indicated by recent rulings, seems to think there is a difference in granting same gender marriage licenses and granting marriage licenses to children. They made no mention of children marrying in recent rulings. Did you miss this point, governor?

  3. i agree with attorney that issuing marriage licences to 12 year olds would be wrong. however using this argument to prosecute state officials who marry same sex couples is equally wrong.

    prosecuting using the law that uphold discrimination of same sex couples is not the same as prosecuting using the law designed to protect children

  4. Absolute BS! Children need to be protected under the law against decisions and influences they are either too immature or inexperienced to make sound judgement.

    Adults on the other hand can make informed and mature decisions about life partners. It is US Republicans making absurd illogical comparisons to justify their bigoted discrimination which is unconstitutional and prejudicial to same sex couples making an unfair class distinction between the way heterosexual couples, and same sex couples who have been riding the back of the equal rights bus for far too long!

  5. These idiots are missing the point.

    If two 12 year old’s were to marry, chances are this would be against their will.

    Same sex couples are not being forced to, it is something that they choose to do.

    Why those fools fail to see this is beyond me.

  6. The anti-gay lobby loves using logical fallacies to support their spurious claims. Marrying under-age children is in no way the same as marrying consenting adults.

  7. These tosspots have ignored one important factor – consent. Children under the age of ‘consent’ cannot marry. So, yet again, the alarmist, scare-mongering, hate-filled, homophobic Republicans have conjured-up totally irrelvant evidence purely to scupper equality. What a weird bunch they are.

  8. Christopher Coleman 30 Aug 2013, 4:05pm

    One must not expect logical thinking in US government. If children were allowed to govern the USA and its states, the country could not be in a greater mess than it is in now.

    It was not so very long ago that 15-year olds were getting married legally. My grandmother did. And not long before that very young people were soldiers and factory workers. Surely not even the Pennsylvanian bozos would claim that same gender marriage caused all that in the 19th and 20th centuries.

  9. Velvet Steele 30 Aug 2013, 7:25pm

    this is the most absurd comparison I ever heard!! they just keep getting better and better! Chalk another one up there for stupidity!

  10. Deanna Joy Hallmark 30 Aug 2013, 11:06pm

    This statement is so preposterous that it speaks volumes about how desperate the opposition to Marriage Equality has become to find any reason at all to oppose it. I take it as a win for Equality, not a setback.

  11. The GOP have gone far beyond any point of retrieval, and are in a death spiral. Too bad because as liberal as I am I do think there’s a value in opposition to any viewpoint in a pluralistic society. But this goes far beyond opposition to the outer edges of sanity, and this ludicrous argument is but the latest example.

    I do think it is wrong for clerks to issue these licenses but for the simple reason that it must be a court that invalidates the law, not an executive officer. If the GOP were to criticize on that basis I would take no issues, I’d say “let’s get this to a judge and see what the case looks like. There is quite a bit of momentum in the courts, they see that there are only tissue thin objections legally, and this silly argument would be shredded by any court. Marriage is a contract and children normally cannot enter into contracts. Duh.

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